Look Who Won at Rummy Passion in January 2018

Look Who Won at Rummy Passion - Rummy Leaderboard, January 2018

Look Who Won at Rummy Passion in January 2018

Rummy Passion and its enthusiastic players welcomed the New Year in a grand way! As always, January witnessed wholehearted participation of players in all contests, celebrations and promotions organized by India’s most loved online rummy site in the first month of 2018. Rummy players from all over India lapped up fantastic offers by Rummy Passion; be it January Tier Wars or the six day long Pongal Festivities or the nationalistic fervour laden Republic Day Celebrations. We continue to dish out lavish extravaganzas for our players, and they carry on enjoying the sumptuous sessions of their favourite real money game at their favourite rummy portal.

Points Rummy is the apple of everybody’s eyes, with beginners and experts, all enjoying the game with equal appetite. It is the least time consuming game and can be enjoyed on the go, especially on a smartphone. Pool Rummy enhances your fun factor as it continues for a long duration of time till all players except one, are knocked out of the game as they touch 101 or 201 points. Deals Rummy falls somewhere in between as it is played for a pre-decided number of deals. Tournaments have players from all over the nation participating in them with great gusto. Now let us have a look at our winners for this month in all the different formats of the game. Congratulations to all of them!

Points Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played
1. Hitler 4784
2. sk9091 4321
3. vit1987 3864
4. svarma 3700
5. SSS123 3536

Pool Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played
1. Sangeeth 474
2. sreeviknesh 405
3. SSS123 284
4. raja839 164
5. naren27177 122

Deals Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played
1. MAHAA 1125
2. nani1122 410
3. sagarneil123 360
4. vigneshteam 359
5. srinu6006 359

Big Jackpot 5K Tournament Winners

Rank 1st Week Player Name 2nd Week Player Name 3rd Week Player Name 4th Week Player Name
1. Mohan1724 kranti202 backyaraj Kkhalandar99
2. jsuneel007 Murugan28 Kanniraj007 sesha987
3. lareddyts icentz Majith1999 pk519
4. kruthin03 haribabu debanaik djkhiladi
5. redsiva Kkhalandar99 Harsh_2008 surabhi

To Sum Up

Rummy Passion constantly strives to bring the very best in the world of Online Rummy gaming to its players. With fair play and trust, engaging interface and lucrative promotions being our hallmarks, players continue to flock to Rummy Passion to amuse and enrich themselves as also become more active, alert and sharp minded by playing this amazing 13 card game of skills. Hope our association with our esteemed players continues to grow in the future. See you at the tables!


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