Look Who Won at Rummy Passion in July 2017

Look Who Won at Rummy Passion - Rummy Leaderboard, July 2017

Look Who Won at Rummy Passion in July 2017

July was a super exciting month for passionate Rummy fans. As more players joined Rummy Passion, new leaders emerged, some winners from prior months maintained their positions while others were toppled. Congratulations to all July winners and a huge round of applause for those who played strong but didn’t make it to the Rummy Leaderboard. Rummy Passion has restructured the classic card game of rummy on the web to make it more fun. The lucrative bonuses, mighty promotions and an easy withdrawal procedure have built the tunnel through complex and rigid hills. July has got another success story to tell as players from all over the country enjoyed their time at India’s most loved online rummy site. While many winners carried on with just points rummy games, there were others who played deals and pool rummy too.

Deals Rummy

The fundamentals of Deal Rummy game primarily revolve around getting all the chips from fellow players in a fixed number of deals. The number of deals is pre decided and players are ranked according to their chip count. The maximum chip count will be ranked on top and July was all about deals games. We got a huge response from players, the tables were full and winnings poured in.

Pool Rummy

The favourite child of the rummy family is most loved by players all across the country. A simplified and mathematically rich game with tons of combinations which can be explored can arise during Pool Rummy sessions. You are really in the game when you make one pure sequence out of a minimum 2 sequences. Eventually you have to push all your opponents to cross 101 or 201 points and then victory is yours. During the past few months players have been applying Rummy Tips and Tricks to improve their game play and now participation is way higher than the previous months.

Points Rummy

Last but absolutely not the least is the most popular variation of online rummy; in fact it’s the most analytical game which requires hardcore card skills entailing the forming and dissolving of sequences. The degree of competitiveness is quite high which makes it an exciting encounter to be in. The winning player has the least points at the end of the game. It is a single deal game with a predetermined value assigned to points.

Rummy Passion’s sole objective is to make the game reach more and more people. The steps we’ve taken in making India a rummy nation are well acknowledged by our players and that has been our driving force. Our amazing bonuses and regular promotions are going viral and to share your passion with your friends, we are also giving away Rs 5000 for each Referred Friend . Here are the top overall 10 winners in the month of July based on the amounts they have won.

Rank Player Name Amount Won
1. vit1987 11932467
2. Krishna62 7639195
3. beeram 7487261
4. a1b2c3 4116080
5. DHAR 3395732
6. ponuprav2 3075080
7. hrtline 2313422
8. chandu584 2172975
9. pstmoha 1785187
10. vioparthi 1319273

To Sum Up

Thousands of players are playing and earning lacs of rupees by simply spending a few hours on our vibrant tables. Register now and be a part of the happiest community in the country.


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