October 2016 – Top Ten Rummy Passion Winners

October 2016 - Top Ten Rummy Passion Winners

October 2016 – Top Ten Rummy Passion Winners

October, 2016 has been an impressive month for everyone at the rummy tables, especially the winners. The passion party is the Tomorrowland for the Indian Rummy players on the web. It seems like the sun never sets here and with each passing day, we are getting shinier, brighter and stronger. All our sincere efforts are being highly acknowledged by players and that’s the ultimate satisfaction for us at Rummy Passion. The month of October was a special one for us as the Deepavali Gold Rush offer was a blockbuster hit. During the auspicious month of Deepavali, Rummy Passion gave out Gold Coins to ten skilled players of the contest. Really, it had been an adventurous and wonderful experience for us.

It is an absolute privilege to be your online rummy partner over the past six months and we’ve enjoyed every second of it. The growing popularity and constant enhancement have been in our regular practice, from the beginning. Our players love makes us stronger and the competitors make us unstoppable. Here, we are presenting the winners for the month of October.

Rank Player Name Amount Won (`)
1 9XXXXXX865 5,14,644
2 anna 4,90,842
3 arti 3,65,926
4 Rasaras 3,24,455
5 sivaji72 1,80,438
6 Sainath 1,80,084
7 aabrakadabra 1,74,066
8 jaleel1982 1,23,885
9 shaik 57,735
10 venkureddy 47,853

This has been a time of experimenting and finding the right patterns, and repeating them with a little modification. There will be a chain of multiple bonuses and promotions in the near future. Tag along and enjoy your stay at India’s most loved online rummy website. Waiting for your participation!


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