Presenting May 2019 Winners at Rummy Passion

Presenting May 2019 Winners at Rummy Passion

Presenting May 2019 Winners at Rummy Passion

Success is delivered only to the deserving. Rummy Passion congratulates all its rummy winners on their newly found achievement!

Wondering why we used the words ‘newly found achievement’? Whether you are a consistent winner or have started winning recently, success is something that tastes fresh and sweet every time. What do you say?

Especially, when it is about making your way ahead of other expert players on the vibrant rummy tables by exercising your mind and memory, it is really well-deserved. It is perseverance and a sure belief in your rummy abilities that guides you to the top.

And eventually, it is not about winning always, it is also about how well you played. If it is a game played with all your efforts, you can trust yourself to hit the bull’s eye in your next attempt.

Besides declaring our May winners, we are going to dish out some fabulous rummy quotes that can add punch to your life. Here we go!

Table of Contents

A. Fab Rummy Quote – 1
B. Top 10 Winners in Points Rummy
C. Fab Rummy Quote – 2
D. Top 10 Winners in Deals Rummy
E. Fab Rummy Quote – 3
F. Top 10 Winners in Pool Rummy
G. Fab Rummy Quote – 4
H. Top 10 Winners in Big Jackpot 5K Tournament

A. Fab Rummy Quote – 1

‘In the beginner’s mind, there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s mind, there are few.’

These words by Shunryo Suzuki highlight the significance of practice and experience. A novice in any field is not very sure of the outcome of various actions and as such, might be fickle-minded, but an expert knows things like the back of his/her hand.

B. Top 10 Winners in Points Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played
1 Maggie 7802
2 Rameshraju6 7740
3 Muthu25 7525
4 ssagi 6874
5 gsatyavani26 6365
6 nkhazi 6257
7 Jyotiran 5834
9 Emanvel235 5612
10 Hemanth9 5455

C. Fab Rummy Quote – 2

‘Rummy is one of the easiest of all card games to learn. More people understand the rules of Rummy than of any other card game.’

This is what Albert H. Morehead pronounces in appreciation of the traditional card-melding game. It shows what makes rummy such a heart-throb of the masses. With the advent of online rummy, it has become even more prevalent.

D. Top 10 Winners in Deals Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played
1 sasikumar891 956
2 Naveeq 940
3 Srinadh1 913
4 Palakkal 869
5 Viswasam06 869
6 shivappi 866
7 Athipalani 865
9 Sandadi1996 791
10 sandhyareddy 785

E. Fab Rummy Quote – 3

‘Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well.’

In this quote, Josh Billings attempts to simplify the basics of life with an interesting example – that of card games. We cannot change our circumstances in life, but we can definitely change our attitude, utilize the available resources in the best possible way, and come out winners.

F. Top 10 Winners in Pool Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played
1 Malusare 441
2 ravisrinu 403
3 Murthy7 375
4 Ashok10 359
5 Teja768 326
6 ssn32286 249
7 Vijayayash 249
8 Yesyammi777 244
10 Kondaprajesh 235

G. Fab Rummy Quote – 4

‘The game isn’t over until it’s over.’

Here, Yogi Berra advises you to never feel demotivated. Do not lose heart and hope till the very end. Even if it seems that everything is finished, there can be a ray of hope if you stay composed, put your best foot forward, and think of smart ways to tackle the situation at hand.

H. Top 10 Winners in Big Jackpot 5K Tournament

Rank 1st Week Player Name 2nd Week Player Name 3rd Week Player Name 4th Week Player Name 5th Week Player Name
1 Praveen585 GowthamS ravi848 ptcmaster Rajeshdevil
2 Kondaprajesh Gowtham1998 Vikas6845 mark777 Meesalaramin
3 Asad1234 Ravindrarote manosippi Kumarabhi Viswanath143
4 Anant17 kavirajan Sono1234 Maakali Mandeep62
5 neelu17899 svnhsyadav ashraf1998 Manish765 vardhan205
6 sahayanevis Sono1234 swordfish BHAGAT sky1980
7 Dhuraikumar Gowram 8stephen ravindragahi dguravaiah
8 kanakaraju1 Niksonthomas Bala1389 SelvaKumar12 nkhl12345
9 anvee1432 imman2paul Marufsa sujin1989 Sunitha67
10 Sudha.S Govindseth Gowtham1998 Aravinth360 Sunitanimal

Love, War and Rummy – All Require Passion!

It could be something as emotional as love, as aggressive and serious as a war, or as simple as the rummy game of cards – if you want to emerge victorious, you need to be passionate about what you do. Passion is the driving force that propels you towards success, and ultimately, helps you to be an achiever. With this, we once again congratulate and wish all the best to all our Rummy Passionists!

‘The Biggest Reward for a Thing Well Done is to Have Done It.’– Voltaire


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