Top Ten Winners at Rummy Passion in January 2017

Rummy Leaderboard - Top Ten Winners at Rummy Passion in January

Top Ten Winners at Rummy Passion in January 2017

It seems like it was only yesterday when we thought of introducing Rummy Passion to change everybody’s outlook towards online rummy in India. We took it as a challenge and each variable of user experience extensively. Our desire is to give our players the best gaming experience in India. We want to present the optimum equation that fulfills our user’s expectations of a rich and graphically stable experience and super thrilling Indian Rummy games. We have also worked on bonuses and promotions and make the best offers to our players including offering regular and festival promotions on a regular basis. To educate players through informative articles, interesting blogs, Indian Rummy guide and tutorial videos is also part of our responsibility. All this study material has been developed keeping the players interest in mind and the current trend is looking good. Our players are appreciating what we do and this is the best applause for us.

The new month of 2017 was all about our amazing New Years and Republic Day offers. Rummy tables were full and the opportunity was open. Also the participation was much higher as compared to all the previous months. In January 2017, our player leaderboard is a list of winners who took their opponents by surprise. It was a nail biting finish which all of us enjoyed very much. The top players won a lot of cash at and deserve a standing ovation.

Here we present the leader board of our top ten players for January 2017.

Rank Player Name Amount Won
1 vioparthi 39,75,576.50
2 anna 27,26,532.82
3 raghav 5,51,369.20
4 jaleel1982 4,33,125.56
5 RASARAS 2,25,224.10
6 mahalakshmi 2,70,876.60
7 arti 3,11,295.56
8 Hitler 2,27,746.26
9 aabrakadabra 1,61,782.24
10 arun007 1,05,880.14

We have exciting plans for you all this year. We love our players, so this Valentine’s day we are going to spread the love. Players can grab 100% bonus up to Rs 2000 by using the Bonus Code LOVE17. This offer is valid from 13 February – 18 February. We had a fantastic time offering you all an amazing online rummy experience and will continue to keep up with our best work in times to come.


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