Rummy Leaderboard – Top Ten Winners at Rummy Passion in June 2017

Rummy Leaderboard - Top Ten Winners at Rummy Passion in June 2017

Rummy Leaderboard – Top Ten Winners at Rummy Passion in June 2017

Once again, June has brought in sizzling wins to so many rummy buffs at Rummy Passion. We are proud to announce our top winners for June who are champions in the true sense of the word! The leaderboard has been on fire with players fighting tooth and nail to be in the top 10 list. Whoever made it to our most coveted list deserves a huge round of applause. While playing online rummy, all of us face failure from time to time. Some of us give up, while others keep digging until they find GOLD. For all those warriors, Rummy Passion is the place to be. They may not always have a plan, but they know exactly how to make Jack the King. The past few months have been blissful as all our promotions and cash tournaments are burning the screens across the country.

We are the nerdy little kids in class who are in love with technology. The use of science in gaming industry is a vital necessity as it makes everything transparent and puts the player in the driving seat. Improving your experience at Rummy Passion is our constant goal and one way to do that is to add or enhance our features. We have just added one such feature that gives direct access to our players through which they can redeem their Passion Rewards Club loyalty reward points for a Cash Bonus. This lets the rhythm flow without any obstruction. Do try out this feature which will help you tremendously in having a joyful journey ahead. Here we present the leaderboard of our top ten rummy players in the month of June, 2017:

Rank Player Name Amount Won
1 a1b2c3 7302381.75
2 raja1974 3700669.5
3 vioparthi 3307698
4 vit1987 3105101.25
5 DHAR 2209871.25
6 hrtline 1592721
7 Jinny 1328881.5
8 beeram 947560.5
9 Krishna356 785837.5
10 yadavjay 700155.00

To Sum Up

Online rummy revolves around making valid sequences and sets. It is absolutely crucial to have a good grip on tricks and strategies of the game. The law of learning is what matters the most. Each game has certain cycles and if you know which gear to shift at the right time, you will become a consistent winner. The game can teach you a lot, make you sharper and give you the best chances of winning great cash prizes. If you’ve not made it to the top ten, you can practice free games to better your skills and then take a shot at being part of our July winners.


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