Rummy Passion July 2019 Winners List is Out!

Rummy Passion July 2019 Winners List is Out

Rummy Passion July 2019 Winners List is Out!

“The aim of life lies in always pushing your limitations, to achieve what you desire.”

Congratulations to all those who won at the vibrant Rummy Passion tables in July!

Your constant efforts and a sure belief in your ability have led you to success. Yes, those are the necessary ingredients for the most delectable of all dishes, i.e., success!

What other aspects push a person towards achieving a goal? Besides announcing the names of July Winners at India’s most loved rummy site, we are going to reveal some habits of winners for everyone’s benefit.

It is quite obvious that many of you already possess these qualities. Others can definitely try to inculcate these traits in themselves, and see how they grab success in different areas of life, including the rummy game!

Feeling enthusiastic? Well, that’s a good sign!

Table of Contents

  • A. Be a Learner
  • B. Top 10 Winners in Points Rummy
  • C. Persistence
  • D. Top 10 Winners in Deals Rummy
  • E. Dreaming Big & Having Faith
  • F. Top 10 Winners in Pool Rummy
  • G. Intuitive Decision Making
  • H. Top 10 Winners in Big Jackpot 5K Tournament

A. Be a Learner

Kick off with this habit. Be passionate about increasing your knowledge. It is a fact that winners look forward to bringing diversity in their knowledge. Whenever they get an opportunity to learn anything, they get the maximum mileage out of it. Develop this habit, and observe how it leads you to success.

In Rummy Context – Observe pro players and how they play. Analyse their strategies, and make them a part of your gameplay. Also, learn from your mistakes. Keep evolving with time.

B. Top 10 Winners in Points Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played
1 ssagi 7963
2 Muthu25 7877
3 RK559 7810
4 Sri_73 7389
5 shareef91 6877
6 nanajit58 6855
7 Ravimaurya 6821
8 Lekhachand 6418
9 kalindridevi 6399
10 rama1994 6218

C. Persistence

When you develop a learning curve, and take failures as learnings, you tend to become persistent with your efforts. We are sure you heard the story – ‘King Bruce and the Spider’ in your childhood. The story shows a king learning from a spider’s unwavering spirit. The crux is ‘Try, try again until you succeed’.

In Rummy Context – If you do not succeed despite several attempts, take a break, and try again the next day with a fresh mind and a different approach. Read expert blogs, practice more, and work on your shortcomings. Develop a never-say-die attitude.

D. Top 10 Winners in Deals Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played
1 Amodgarg 1344
2 Dkangurana 1024
3 Palakkal 985
4 Balasri11 944
5 Anarkali 929
6 Devirams 921
7 Play234 887
8 rajesh93 885
9 Kish23 852

E. Dreaming Big & Having Faith

Step out of your comfort zone, and dare to dream big. What sets bigshots apart from common people, is their ability to dream big. They have enough faith either in the higher power or their own abilities or both to make the impossible – possible!

In Rummy Context – Imagine yourself donning the winner’s cap – seeing your name at the top of the winners’ list. Convince your mind that things can happen your way, and see how this belief works wonders. And yes, make sure you work towards your goal!

F. Top 10 Winners in Pool Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played
1 apraj81 709
2 kuchu1982 562
3 Pv.ramanared 539
4 Jagamozhi 524
5 Viraat9 494
6 Murthykavya 448
7 Loganathan00 441
8 shibum2m 425
9 rameshnath 394
10 Malusare 390

G. Intuitive Decision Making

Ever noticed a car mechanic making out the fault in the vehicle within a few seconds of taking a glance at the engine? Or a footballer’s body posture that makes him ready before he actually knows that he will face the ball? In a lot many situations, people act accurately using – not their logical mind but their intuition.

In Rummy Context – It is actually a combo of your knowledge, experience, and confidence that acts behind your intuitions. The three assets act in synchronisation to give you amazingly good intuitions. Be bold to make out-of-the-box but wise decisions.

H. Top 10 Winners in Big Jackpot 5K Tournament

Rank 1st Week 03rd July Player Name 2nd Week 10th July Player Name 3rd Week 17th July Player Name 4th Week 24th July Player Name 5th Week 31st July Player Name
1 OnlyKk Aridhassm Vinod7 AyaNkumar ptcmaster
2 ARUNRAJ Chitti8949 Soloreddy Gowtham1998 jitendra3850
3 Deepak22 Vinod7 Vikram7773 chandu556 Sankalp
4 sukisailak Giridhar8035 gaja261 Mdhakad Karthi1986
5 BANGARAM279 H.N.Saivarma99 athish13 Ajaytb ravi848
6 vijilmx Ar12345 sureshulla Ravi1006 swordfish
7 Obeth sasikumar3 dwarikakarma devudu billurajatn
8 Youten imman2paul Kbm83 sant7399 Yashri
9 AjS36 Vikram7773 Anil2335 lingam6066 Vinodchavan
10 Raki4545 VijaSandy Kaviyarasu0 athish13 Hridhi2008

Taking the Necessary Action

Ultimately, it’s time for Action! All said and done, nothing would work until you work. Safety is the home of commoners. Successful people do not hesitate in taking risks. They do not fear being mocked. Failures do not hamper their passion. They reach the top by dint of their ability to be different and following a path less travelled or even unheard of. So, give up laziness, get on your feet, and put in efforts to turn your dreams into reality.
Congratulating our enthusiastic Rummy Passionists once again! Continue to play with all your Passion!


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