Rummy Passion’s Winner List for September 2018

Rummy Passion's Winner List for September is Out. Have a Look

Rummy Passion’s Winner List for September 2018

Goodbye September, Hello October! Soul calming breezes, amazing weather, longer nights, most of you might be busy welcoming the fall. Some may even be getting a whimsical vision of festivals. While you are enjoying seasonal change, we thought why not to add some ecstasy in your life. So, here we bring, the winners’ list for the month of September at Rummy Passion

Heartiest congratulations to all those who won and wish them the best of the journey for their future endeavours at Rummy Passion.

Table of Contents

  • A. Major Promotions that Took Place in September
  • B. Upcoming Promotions for the Month of October
  • C. Top 10 Winners in Points Rummy
  • D. Top 10 Winners in Pool Rummy
  • E. Top 10 Winners in Deals Rummy
  • F. Top 10 Winners in Tournaments

A. Major Promotions that Took Place in September

We understand, what being a proud player at Rummy Passion means to you. In case, you skipped the promotions held in September, here’s a look at it. Each promotion went out with sheer enthusiasm amid players on the tables.

Super September 1st September – 30th September
Govinda Ala Re Leaderboard 1st September & 2nd September
Janmashtami Bonus 3rd September & 4th September
Super Weekend Leaderboard 8th September & 9th September
September Surprise Cash Back 1st September – 30th September
Vinayaka Leaderboard 15th September & 16th September
Mid-Month Bonus 17th September & 18th September
Super Saver Leaderboard 22th September & 23rd September
September Bonanza Bonus 24th September & 25th September
Month-End Leaderboard 29th September & 30th September

B. Upcoming Promotions for the Month of October

You might be inquisitive about the upcoming promotions, but let’s be secretive for some more time to lift the excitement within! After all, that will bring the best out of you when you play on the tables. Keep your regular presence at Rummy Passion website to discover what special we have in store for you.

C. Top 10 Winners in Points Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played
1. karna0025 6628
2. kalyan14323 6553
3. anupwasnik 6354
4. giri29 5967
5. ssagi 5040
6. gsatyavani26 4981
7. reddyap 4981
8. selva84 4463
9. TIRUpati 4313
10. jungleking 4219

D. Top 10 Winners in Pool Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played
1. san_hpc 377
2. koushik42 360
3. Rayudu3676 329
4. ssn32286 325
6. praveen3202 245
7. Saianu143 227
8. Nivastan 226
9. Annakf 218
10. Babypasi 202

E. Top 10 Winners in Deals Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played
1. sameer_b0091 808
2. kalyan14323 664
4. Annakf 626
5. giri29 577
6. flexi9 573
7. Siva3011 547
8. san_hpc 454
9. naveepuri89 394
10. raja839 382

F. Top 10 Winners in Big Jackpot 5K Tournament

Rank 1st Week Player Name 2nd Week Player Name 3rd Week Player Name 4th Week Player Name
1. Bajrang2592 madmonty NNMRP katray999
2. krishna16385 rajini9971 Jithendra656 Usharavi
3. Akonma Munjaji123 krishna01 Sanjoyba
4. aksd1 Sandip91 Ds007 Zanzad
5. Mdimran1982 Rajpriya123 Rakesh9095 venuece65
6. pradeep64 karna0025 Chotu484 somu2489
7. Kumarabhi saran311 kalai1216 rummyy123
8. Bapibera264 katray999 RPS1112 Mangipudi333
9. Kumar23 Vamsi66666 manoj4025 Mahesh123124
10. Saraathi Syedbasheer Rajeshdevil kkkselva

Tricks to Register Your Names in October Winners’ List

Want to hit the winners’ list in the month of October? Why not go through the blog section? We are sure that it will surely help you revamp your rummy skills and help you become a pro player. Check out!


  1. Want to become a Rummy Champion? Here’s the Way to Master the Game
  2. Learn the Art of Making a Lost Game a Winning One
  3. New to Rummy – See How to Get Started
  4. How to Choose a Rummy Variant According to Your Nature

Otherwise too, you can also pit against your opponent by joining the tables and play Points RummyPool Rummy, and Deals Rummy.

The Essence

Indian Rummy is all about how you leverage your rummy skills and dedicatedly play to reach your winning goals. If you missed seeing your names in the winners’ list, this month, you need not worry. You have plenty of time in October to hit the winning line.

For now, we would like to raise a toast for our players and for their well-deserved success!


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