Shout-out to the Winners of December 2023


Shout-out to the Winners of December 2023

Happy New Year to all of you rummy aficionados! As we embark on another journey, it’s the perfect moment for fresh starts, heightened aspirations and improved resolutions. Although 2023 presented its challenges, it also bestowed upon us invaluable lessons, numerous achievements, and an entirely new outlook on life.

The month of December was brimming with festive vibes, witnessing our players demonstrating their mastery of the game. They strategically navigated the gaming arena with every calculated move, creating an electrifying atmosphere that echoed the true spirit of competition. As the remarkable year unfolds, Rummy Passion stands as a beacon for those seeking the thrill of games and a platform to showcase their strategic understanding and rummy proficiency.

Table of Contents

A)Top Winners in Points Rummy

B)Top Winners in Pool Rummy

C) Top Winners in Deals Rummy

Here are the winners for the December Promotions.

A) Top Winners in Points Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Won
1 prmani1 3162
2 baba7779 3149
3 Padmanban 2835
4 Lekhachand 2527
5 Ganesh1009

6 gopal74 2413
7 Musthafa84 2353
8 Tamangbikash 2343
9 Chanchateer 2076
10 94581CwPvBGd 2011

B) Top Winners in Pool Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Won
1 75072kq1QnA4 408
2 87921gFmB5SJ 327
3 Tuken 279
4 Selz0097 241
5 8080595475k 240
6 97476wWNXDIJ 236
7 Kcbhai 230
8 Solanki411 220
9 79077eecEpB9 216
10 Channamalla3 208

C) Top Winners in Deals Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Won
1 Dxb2022 896
2 Bella77 700
3 Muthumuni 670
4 Real17 608
5 bipin2603 596
6 Adala 461
7 Subho800 398
9 pravin820 378
10 Benis 377

Summing up

As we bid adieu to the past and embrace the potential of the future, let’s carry forward the spirit of resilience, growth, and an unwavering passion for the game. Here’s to a year filled with thrilling matches, strategic brilliance, and, of course, an abundance of glorious victories

See you at the tables!


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