Shout-out to the Winners of November 2023


Shout-out to the Winners of November 2023

As the winter winds weave their magic and the festive season beckons, Rummy Passion is all set to captivate gaming aficionados with its Winter Bonanza. The Rummy tables are prepared for intense gameplay, where players can showcase their skills and vie for substantial cash rewards. This season is not just about the warmth of thrilling games and heated competition but the celebration of strategic brilliance and Rummy expertise.

The month of November was filled with festive vibes, and our players exhibited their prowess in the game. With each move, they strategically manoeuvred against their opponents, creating an electrifying atmosphere that resonated with the spirit of competition.

Table of Contents

A)Top Winners in Points Rummy

B)Top Winners in Pool Rummy

C) Top Winners in Deals Rummy

Here are the winners for the November Promotions.

A) Top Winners in Points Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Won
1 78874wHyiNUF 3346

2 Ganesh1009 2636
3 Prafulsolank 2481
4 priyesh 2406
5 5lakhloss 2374
6 Rana58211 2136
7 Crensen123 2108
8 R5b7 2084
9 rajnagarajn5 2070
10 Abhijeet21 2070

B) Top Winners in Pool Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Won
1 97476wWNXDIJ 417
2 Tuken 335
3 75072kq1QnA4 313
4 Rajkumar1444 275
5 mokanraz 251
6 883018nupw9G 243
7 8080595475k 231
8 Mitun1989 226
9 99432XJOOrbH 218
10 Jarurihai 211

C) Top Winners in Deals Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Won
1 Dxb2022 1226
2 bipin2603 1049
3 Muthumuni 700
4 965712hcDoQr 630
5 Benis 614
6 di0609ne 607
7 Adala 445
8 Real17 431
9 Bella77 412
10 93268kTz0Q23 396

Summing up

As we acknowledge the champions of November and look forward to new rummy challenges, let the spirit of competition and the joy of the game unite players in a shared passion for Rummy. Join the rummy fervour, showcase your skills and become the next Rummy champ.

See you at the tables!


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