Shoutout to the Winners of February 2024

Shoutout to the Winners of February 2024

Shoutout to the Winners of February 2024

The month of February was filled with love and passion, where players witnessed fierce competition at their favourite rummy tables. But, now March has arrived filled with excitement and new opportunities.

Rummy Passion offers a variety of fascinating promotions, giving you multiple opportunities to move up the rankings and claim your share of glory.

Table of Contents

A)Top Winners in Points Rummy

B)Top Winners in Pool Rummy

C) Top Winners in Deals Rummy

Here are the winners of the February.

A) Top Winners in Points Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Won
1 89833a8g6ZGr 3124
2 Arsb 3103
3 Chanchateer 2913
4 baba7779 2787
5 patelmitmbst 2520
6 62892vVHaGKQ 2473
7 MDRANA 2405
8 BanduMore 2342
9 86067phLKkOl 2227
10 Tamangbikash 2133


B) Top Winners in Pool Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Won
1 Sahulhaja 535
2 87668RGeSq8x 423
3 72619E0hprYO 347
4 81417hasX3sw 313
5 Shankarvitth 307
6 mahalakbabu 290
7 8080595475k 290
8 Vasim. 287
9 85478F2UdkWT 269
10 89740k3MbRfF 267


C) Top Winners in Deals Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Won
1 Bella77 900
2 bipin2603 759
3 di0609ne 757
4 MssM007 661
5 mithu26rose 623
6 73080qABnanT 500
7 Dxb2022 492
8 Muthurathina 469
9 Ganapati1435 442
10 97434f7GPQ0n 432


Summing up

The winners revelled in the glory of their wins, receiving huge cash prizes. But don’t worry if February didn’t unfold in your favour. The exhilarating experience continues into March, with a fresh new set of promotions that give opportunities to demonstrate your abilities and promise even more excitement.

See you at the tables!


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