Win Rs 25000 Daily – Look who won in our Predict and Win Contest

Win Rs 25000 Daily – Look who won in our Predict and Win Contest

Win Rs 25000 Daily – Look who won in our Predict and Win Contest

The IPL 2018 fever is making us crazy! As the temperatures rise outdoors, the Predict and Win Contest of Indian Rummy League results are adding cool celebratory vibes to our winners. An amazing number of our players have already won insane amounts of cash. But there’s more to come! With every single match result, you have another chance to win, with up to 12 lakh rupees! We are just about halfway through the VIVO IPL season for 2018 and as we get closer to the finals, the cash winnings will only go up. So let’s see our biggest winners and their highest wins.

Winners Leaderboard Till 28th April

User Name Game Won Bonus Won
Kuberar 18 75000
MAHAA 17 65000
Kumarramuk 12 20000
nani1122 10 15000
Srumsss7373 16 12575
prassu123 4 8650
Kgnsr 18 6395
saisai999 2 6000
BASHA999 2 4000
vigneshteam 1 2500
vit1987 17 2490
Shakthiss 1 2000
narsi3486 9 1635
sanjeev21543 4 1600
sagarneil123 8 1440
simha777 12 1335
Jinny 1 1250
SP3791 2 1100
joragasa 15 1000
md786 2 1000

Your Extra Innings

It’s time for you to make some money with your knowledge of cricket and predictive skills. The months of April and May are probably two most exciting months of the year now. The IPL is staged during this time and lakhs of cricket lovers all over the country look forward to watching their favourite franchises play. Fantasy Cricket and rummy games are a passion ofmost Indians. And this is achance for us to celebrate the two most entertaining sports of all times.

Predict & Win

Each IPL season, Rummy Passion which is India’s most loved rummy site, comes out with awesome promotions which combine cricket and rummy. This year it’s the Predict & Win contest in which you can submit an entry for every match. In a way it combines fantasy cricket and online rummy. Before the start time of each match, you have to answer 5 simple questions and submit your entry. Then from 4 p.m. to 12 midnight you will need to play 25 or more cash rummy games at to qualify. Then check your name on the leaderboard the next day. That’s all. And the prizes are huge – Rs 25,000 cash bonus for each match!

Bollywood Glamour

Why not experience glamour like Shahrukh Khan, Preity Zinta and Juhi Chawla? Granted that these Bollywood celebs are team owners, but you too can live in a glitzy way. You can get fame and money by being winners of our Predict and Win Indian Rummy League contest every day! So don’t wait anymore! Just fill out your entry and play qualifying games- every match is a chance to win!


Celebrate the IPL fiesta with us. Avail the best rummy offers with Rummy Passion and win daily cash bonuses. Look how our real winners are enjoying their huge cash wins. Join us today and together let’s grow our passion for rummy game and fantasy cricket.


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