Winners of Deepavali Gold Rush 2016 Offer

Winners of Deepavali Gold Rush 2016 Offer

The Deepavali Gold Rush Offer at Rummy Passion has ended with a loud applause for 10 very lucky winners today. The festival of lights has brought them prosperity in the form of a gold coin. Gold historically signifies wealth, treasure and opulence in the purest form. October has been a month of extreme excitement at Rummy Passion. And we want to share the good news with all our players who have been eagerly awaiting the lucky draw.

All through the month of October, so many players from all over the country won big money playing cash rummy at our tables. As decks were shuffled and players took their seats to play cash games, we were buzzing with activity. A large number of players won lots of cash playing points, pool and deals rummy at their favourite website. The celebration of Deepavali became more special as approximately 200 players qualified for our Deepavali Gold Rush offer. They made a deposit of Rs. 500 into their account and played real cash games. Also, they collected enough loyalty points to enter the Gold Tier in Passion Rewards Club.

As our festivities drew to a close, we conducted a lucky draw to select winners of this contest. Ten very lucky players won a gold coin each in this lucky draw. You can see the video of this lucky draw here or at our YouTube channel. These winners are:

  1. rasras
  2. sainath
  3. 9894785xxx
  4. santhoshkumar
  5. jumbo
  6. suresh
  7. vengatesan
  8. sarav
  9. demdemdem
  10. arunachalam


Huge congratulations to all of you from our team. Also, we wish to say a big thank you to all the players for taking out time to participate in this contest. Rummy Passion will be conducting such fun events for players on a regular basis. And, the best way to stay tuned is to regularly visit our website for updates.

Life is a celebration and we at Rummy Passion live by this philosophy. Come join us for some fun and show everyone your card skills. We would like to close with these beautiful lines:

May the beautiful colours of Rangoli
And the fragrance of fresh flowers
Fill your lives with joy and prosperity
A wish to your family from ours

May this festival of lights bring you
Good luck, happiness and success
May fortune always smile on your family
From all of us at Rummy Passion – God Bless

Happy Deepavali!


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