Shoutout to the Winners of May 2024

Shoutout to the Winners of May 2024

Shoutout to the Winners of May 2024

Toodles, May! You’ve been a month of blossoms and beginnings. Your days were filled with sunshine and renewal. Let’s take a moment to appreciate those who made their mark in May 2024.

Kudos to the remarkable skills displayed by our rummy players! Their mastery of the game is truly awe-inspiring. The winners deserve applause for their triumphs, bringing excitement and a sense of accomplishment to the table.

Table of Contents

A)Top Winners in Points Rummy

B)Top Winners in Pool Rummy

C) Top Winners in Deals Rummy

Join us in congratulating our May winners and stay tuned for more action-packed rummy experiences.

A) Top Winners in Points Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Won
1 baba7779 6,430
2 SSS123 4,074
3 pavan14324 4,036
4 9778Sree8888 3,826
5 kakee27 3,713
6 63807ScqxEy8 3,486
7 Ganesh1009 3,164
8 Edlavarun 3,132
9 8015264516 2,767
10 94581CwPvBGd 2,737


B) Top Winners in Pool Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Won
1 93267rZz1LDs 372
2 Selva1955 364
3 Mdevlekar 360
4 Kcbhai 359
5 97476wWNXDIJ 357
6 Kuralarasu 285
7 97704AYY0LnO 282
8 8080595475k 265
9 808061N49VP2 253
10 Pandiaravi 245


C) Top Winners in Deals Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Won
1 MssM007 939
2 90820Y9BbVf4 718
3 Bella77 715
4 90485untFZvs 541
5 Dxb2022 495
6 Muthumuni 490
7 97890UWhV7n0 430
8 81222nUT2zkT 386
9 994740EewhZU 357
10 98459n5wOChp 341


Summing up

The winners outshined in the glory of their wins, receiving huge cash prizes. If May didn’t unfold in your favour don’t be disheartened. The riveting experience will continue into
June with a fresh start of incredible promotions coming
up with fresh opportunities and more excitement.

See you at the tables!


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