2-Player Table or 6-Player Table – Take Your Pick!

2-Player Table or 6-Player Table - Take Your Pick!

2-Player Table or 6-Player Table – Take Your Pick!

Rummy has been a great source of fun and entertainment for people for ages. It is a skill-based game that can be played in different variants and formats. With time and the advent of technology, Rummy has become more feasible to play; all you need is a smartphone and an internet connection.

In Online Rummy, each player is given 13 cards, where the main goal is to make valid sets and sequences before the opponents. The game can be played by a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6 players on a particular table. For a 2-player table, one deck of cards is used and for a more than 2-player table two decks of cards are used to play. Players can play on any of the tables, depending on their choice. Rummy Passion hosts three commonly played rummy game variants which are Points Rummy, Pool Rummy and Deals Rummy.

While some players like 2-player tables, others prefer 6-player tables, let us guide you in selecting the best table for your gameplay.

gameplay speed

Gameplay Speed

Online Rummy is an engrossing game which is loved by Rummy enthusiasts for its speed and action-packed fun. It two-folds the excitement and rush in players. The 2-player table is a speedy game where players have to quickly pick the cards and discard them. Players have to be alert while playing at the 2-player table due to its speed and competitiveness.

Whereas, in the 6-player table, the game progresses at a slower pace as the number of participants is high. Players get a longer amount of time to think and make their moves accordingly. As a beginner, if you are playing at a 6-player table then the chances are that you can improve your game by observing and learning from the gameplay of your opponents and also take your time before making a decision at the table.

winning chance

Winning Chance

Rummy is a game of skill where players are required to understand the game thoroughly. Rummy Passion offers practice games and cash games, where players can practice their gameplay while earning big cash rewards and prizes. It is important to note that players must choose the right table in order to maximise their winning chances at the table.

On a 2-player table, the chances of winning are equal, as there are only two players on the table. Meanwhile, in a 6-player table, the number of players is more than 2 and the chances of winning get divided among the number of players.

rewards and prizes

Rewards & Prizes

Online Rummy games give players an opportunity to win grand rewards. Rummy Passion offers exciting cash prizes to Rummy enthusiasts. Rummy games also provide players with the opportunity to upskill real-life skills which are useful for a person on a daily basis such as quick decision-making, patience, and financial management among various others.

At the 2-player table, the winning amount is marginally less as there are only 2 players on the table. Whereas, in the 6-player table the winning amount is higher as the winning amount is dependent on the number of players on the table.


To suffice, it is safe to say that Indian Rummy is a popular card game which is played and enjoyed by Rummy lovers across the country. On both the tables, players can learn and win exciting cash prizes. Now, as you know the basic difference between playing at a 2-player table and a 6-player table, take your pick or play both at Rummy Passion and win exciting prizes.

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