All You Need To Know About 10K Free Roll Tournament

All You Need To Know About 10K Free Roll Tournament

All You Need To Know About 10K Free Roll Tournament

Excitement should no longer be a fantasy. Online Rummy Tournaments are the championship games, just like the World Cup of cricket, where participants are individuals rather than countries or clubs. Rummy Tournaments are the best opportunity currently available for players to literally win tons of money. Talking about the benefits specifically, the winning amount is pretty handsome and what you put in as entry fee is either zero or some very small amount. The level of excitement and competitiveness is quite similar to a T20 encounter. So all you girls and boys pay some attention as here we are unfolding everything about the amazing JUMBO JACKPOT 10K Free Roll Tournament scheduled at 4pm every Sunday at India’s most loved online gaming site – Rummy Passion.

How Do You Register?

Rummy Passion has made the registration process absolutely clean, short and simple. There are absolutely no hidden conditions. Once you are on the home page of, you will see the Tournaments Tab right underneath the login button. Follow the simple steps below to register for tournaments of your choice.

Step 1

Click on the Tournaments tab available in the Rummy Passion Game Lobby. The link will allow you to view all the current tournaments and the number of Registered Players in each. Here’s a screenshot.


Step 2

Click on the Register button associated with the JUMBO JACKPOT 10K Tournament for participation. Then click on ‘Yes’ to confirm.


Step 3

Your participation will be confirmed by Rummy Passion’s smart server. It will also be displayed as a message.


Step 4

This final step will navigate you to the page, where you can view all the details about the tournament.

Necessary Conditions for Seamless Playing

Rummy Passion has created an open network for players to enjoy a seamless tournament time ahead. Here’s the whole approach.

    • Already Logged In

      When the tournament starts and if you have already played one before, you will see a popup if you have allowed popup’s to open. Then the tournament table will automatically appear in front of you. If you are playing the tournament for the first time or have played one previously but have not permanently allowed the popup to open, you will see a notification in your address bar to allow the Touranmet table to popup.

To get updated Tournament status, please allow Popup’s in your Internet browser.

  • Not Logged In

    If you log in to Rummy Passion before the tournament starts then you will automatically get the tournament table popup or notification in the address bar to allow for the popup. If you log in after the tournament starts, then you need to go to the tournament lobby page where you registered for the tournament. In front of the touranament, there will be a “Take Seat” button. Click there and the table will open.

Play Online Rummy from Your Mobile

Rummy Passion has given all players an opportunity to enjoy their favourite game from mobiles too. If you are joining a tournament from your smartphone, then you need to go to the hamburger menu. Here’s the screenshot.

Click on ‘My Games’ to go to the next screen.

Step 1

Open Rummy Passion app on your smartphone.


Step 2

Enter a valid username and password. The page will navigate you to the Game Lobby, where you can select from Cash Games, Tournaments or Practice.


Step 3

Click on the Tournaments to view all the details about them. The page will give you an option to choose, either from Cash or Free Tournaments.


Step 4

The site is designed simply and its functionality makes it so easy for players to understand the whole process. The next screen will display all the available tournaments. In this example, we’ve selected Jumbo Jackpot 10K.


Step 5

All details of the tournament will be displayed before you. This will give you a clear idea.


Step 6

After clicking on the Register tab available on the screen, Rummy Passion’s smart server will confirm your participation in the tournament. The same will be updated on My Games option available on the hamburger menu.

If you don’t have time to go through each detail of the Jumbo Jackpot 10K tournament, here is a quick 20 second recap:

10K Free Roll Tournament
Type Tournament Starts Announcement Entry Amount Players per Table No. of Rounds Minimum Players Maximum Players Prize Type Prize Pool
FreeRoll Every Sunday 4 PM Registration start 2 weeks before N/A 6 4 400 1000 Cash Promo Rs 10,000


Register for the Jumbo Jackpot 10K tournament if you are using a smart phone. We suggest you to login and follow the above mentioned procedure.


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