How To Complete Your Rummy Passion Player Profile?

How to Complete Your Rummy Passion Player Profile?

How To Complete Your Rummy Passion Player Profile?

Have you recently begun your online rummy journey at Rummy Passion? Then completing the player profile should be your top priority, apart from learning the basics of playing rummy. It is a mandatory step for any player registered at the site, to ensure complete transparency and security of all the rummy lovers who Join Rummy Passion. The entire process hardly takes 5-10 minutes at the players’ end, and maximum one day for the details to be verified by our robust risk management team. But once this crucial step is completed, players can enjoy unlimited thrill of playing cash rummy games without a single worry. Let’s take you through the necessary steps to complete your player profile at India’s Most Loved Rummy App.

Step 1: Mobile Number and Email Verification

It is the first step you must take towards completing your player profile at Rummy Passion. Verifying your contact details is a simple 2-step process. Just visit your profile in the My Account section, and click on verify the mobile number and email id. An OTP would be sent each to your registered number and email, which you must enter and click on the submit button. Completing this step gets you Rs.50 Cash Bonus For Free to play and enjoy your favourite rummy game.

Step 2: Updating Bank Details

The next step is filling in your address correctly along with your bank details. All withdrawals at Rummy passion are processed directly to players’ accounts, and if you wish to benefit from your winnings by playing cash rummy, you must ensure that all details are entered correctly. Filling the bank details includes entering your account number, Bank Name, IFSC Code, Account Type and the Branch City. You can request to get your bank details changed at any later date by directly contacting our customer support team.

Step 3: KYC Verification

Rummy Passion is a name known for its top-class security, and this is possible only when our players’ share their correct details. To complete the KYC, you must submit an id proof and Address Proof. You must submit your PAN Card as id proof, and Driving Licence/Voter ID/Passport/Aadhaar Card as Address Proof. Remember, the details on your KYC documents must not have any discrepancies. Each players’ details are duly verified by our team of experts so that only real players can join the vibrant tables. Completing this last step correctly would give you another Rs 50 as Cash Bonus directly credited to your Rummy Passion account.

What’s the benefit of completing your player profile?

Completing your profile details at the earliest earns you many benefits at Rummy Passion, the first being easy withdrawals. Withdrawal at the site is possible only when players have duly completed their profile, to ensure there is no breach in security. And if you complete your profile right at the time of registration, you can quickly initiate your withdrawals at any later date without any hassles.

The second benefit is the Rs 50 + Rs 50 Cash Bonus. When a player first starts playing rummy online, he/she is reluctant to play the cash games. If you too are hesitant to make a deposit the very first day, then this Rs 100 bonus can be a great help. Complete your profile as soon as you register, to get Rs 50 bonus on mobile number and email verification, and another Rs 50 on KYC verification.

Another benefit of completing your Rummy Passion profile at the earliest is while claiming the Refer-A-Friend Bonus, especially when you have joined through a friend’s referral link. To claim the RAF Bonus, both referrer and referee must complete their profile and play cash games. Your friend obviously has their details completed, so the ball entirely lies in your court. The sooner you complete your profile, and play rummy cash games, the faster you will be able to claim the bonus amount.

To Sum Up

As per the standards set forth by EGF (The E-Gaming Federation), players’ security must be the top priority for any rummy site. Being an active member of EGF, Rummy Passion always strives to keep players interests at the fore, while ensuring complete security at the vibrant tables. No player below the age of 18 is allowed to register, and strict action is taken against anyone involved in fraudulent game practices. This is why we recommend you complete your profile details at the earliest so that you can enjoy the thrill of playing your favourite rummy games without any unnecessary disruptions. Hurry! Submit your details now, and reap the many benefits along with the thrill of playing rummy at Rummy Passion.


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