Why KYC Is Mandatory On Rummy Passion

Why KYC is Mandatory on Rummy Passion

Why KYC Is Mandatory On Rummy Passion

Do you know what makes Rummy Passion – India’s most loved rummy app? Considering players as an asset and keeping their security in mind is all that Rummy Passion has been practising. Continuously taking such steps ensures fair gaming for its players. Rummy Passion also promotes ethical gaming in India as it is also associated with EGF (The E-Gaming Federation) which is another milestone achieved. One important practice that is quite basic to ethical and safe gaming is the collection of online rummy KYC Information and its verification. Let’s understand the why’s and how’s of this process.

What is KYC in Rummy?

Simply put, KYC is Know Your Customer. It started out as a banking term, and financial institutions conformed to its process whereby they remain updated about the identification of the customers. Now, many other e-commerce businesses have adopted it because of the trustworthiness it builds. The completion of online rummy KYC is a necessary guideline of the EGF (The Online Rummy Federation), as then it becomes easier to eliminate fake players from the site and protect the interest of genuine players.

KYC is just one safety measure; players can expect to see other state-of-the-art features in terms of safety at Rummy Passion. Other than asking its players to complete their online rummy KYC profile, Rummy Passion inspires all players to practice fair gaming. Keeping their interest at the forefront, Rummy Passion is a revered member of EGF

What is the process of KYC?

To offer a safe gaming environment to all rummy players, Rummy Passion asks them to complete their KYC profile. Any player, while registering to the site, has to provide proof of their identity and residence. Players will have to provide their Full Name, Date of Birth Details, valid Email ID and Contact Number, and Address Proof (Voter ID Card/Card/Driving Licence/Passport). Other than that, PAN card details are also mandatory to ensure transparent banking.

How is KYC Beneficial for a Player?

When a player does any transaction through Rummy Passion, it is done safely and securely, i.e., upon updating online rummy KYC information on the platform, a player gets an extra level of security and assurance that they are playing with genuine players only. This is the first step towards avoiding fraudulent players. Also, because advanced SSL encryption is used on the website, this information is kept safe and cannot be accessed by third parties.

Benefit of completing your player profile at Rummy Passion

Completing your profile details at the earliest earns you many benefits at Rummy Passion, the first being easy withdrawals. Withdrawal at the site is possible only when players have duly completed their profile, to ensure there is no breach in security. If you complete your profile right at the time of registration, you can quickly initiate your withdrawals at any later date without any hassles.

Steps to Complete KYC Details on Rummy Passion

  1. Click on “My Account” and then “Profile” -> “Personal Information” and then, fill in the details, like Full Name, City, Address, State, Pin Code, ID Proof, etc.
  2. To validate your identity, you need to add a scanned copy of your Address Proof and valid ID Proof. Also, you can click pictures of your KYC papers and upload them. However, for ID Proof, you need to submit your validated PAN card.
  3. For address proof, it’s preferable to provide your Aadhaar Card. If not, you can also submit your Voter ID Card / Passport/ Driving Licence or any other residence proof that is issued by the government. Now click on the “Submit” button. Once approved, your online rummy KYC gets verified.

Steps to Complete Email & Mobile Verification

  1. Visit Rummy Passion and fill out your registration form to get yourself registered. Once you have completed the process, you will receive a message of successful registration.
  2. Now check the email inbox that you have registered with Rummy Passion with the subject – “Welcome to Rummy Passion”.
  3. Click on that email to see a link to “Verify Your Email Address.” Upon clicking the link, you will be redirected to Rummy Passion’s “Email Verified” page.
  4. Now, your next step is to validate your mobile number. For this, go to your account and click on “My Account,” “Profile tab,” “Personal Information,” and then fill in your registered mobile number. Click on “Save” to save the information.
  5. Click on “Verify” to receive a 4-digit OTP on your registered mobile number. Now, enter the same OTP on the verification page and then click on the “Submit” button.
  6. There you go! You have successfully completed your verification process for your mobile number.

Isn’t the process so easy? Still, if you face any trouble while updating the data, there’s nothing to worry about. Simply email support@rummypassion.com, providing your ID and address proof details, and a customer support representative will upload your details on your behalf. Rummy Passion understands that your safety is crucial and takes all necessary measures to ensure it.

Terms & Conditions

  1. In case, the player’s First and Last name along with the Date of Birth on the ID card doesn’t match; verification will be rejected. Similar will be in the case of address proof.
  2. A player can only withdraw the money if his/her ID verification is approved.

NOTE: Minimum withdrawal is Rs 200


This is what Rummy Passion strives for all its customers. More than being passionate about providing an excellent gaming platform to its customers, Rummy Passion is passionate about its players’ security. From keeping banking details safe to guarding email IDs, Debit/Credit card details, passwords and mobile numbers is the website’s number 1 priority. If you are new to Rummy Passion, join one of the largest online gaming communities and experience the never-ending thrill in the comfort of your home via mobile or desktop. Don’t forget to add your online rummy KYC details on the website, as by doing so you will be able to enjoy Rummy Games with complete peace of mind and make easy withdrawals.

Happy Rummy Games!


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