10 Reasons Why Rummy Passion Games Are Fair, Safe & Secure

10 Reasons Why Rummy Passion Games are Fair, Safe & Secure

10 Reasons Why Rummy Passion Games Are Fair, Safe & Secure

The 13-Card Indian Rummy Game is loved and enjoyed by everyone throughout the country, and its availability on digital platforms has further led to a significant increase in its popularity. Despite its many advantages over the traditional rummy game, one thing that concerns the game lovers is their security, especially while playing for cash. If you too are faced with such a dilemma, then you have landed at just the right place. 

Rummy Passion is a responsible and player-friendly gaming platform. We love seeking feedback from our users, and as a part of it, surveyed our players. Based on that, we thought it’s important to raise awareness among our players on the efforts we make to ensure fair gameplay. Read on to find out how Rummy Passion’s safety net assures players of a highly entertaining and reliable online rummy experience.

Rummy Passion’s Fair Gameplay & Safety Net for Players

Some of the reasons that make Rummy Passion Fair, Safe and Secure platform to play online rummy games. 

  1. RNG Certification

Real Card Rummy – When people play rummy games with real cards, more often than not, they are sceptical about fair card distribution – whether or not the dealer properly shuffles the cards, and if s/he exercises any deceptive tricks in dealing the cards, etc. What about online rummy? How are cards dealt to players? Is there any dealer? Is card distribution reliable?

Online Rummy & RNG – The game is played on virtual tables, and there is a virtual dealer too. But cards are dealt to the players by dint of a complex algorithm known as the Random Number Generator. Rummy Passion is renowned for being a fair gaming platform. The first entity that features in the list to ensure that there is no manipulation of any sort at the end of the portal, and all the players get a fair, level and unbiased platform to enjoy rummy games, is the certification for its Random Number Generator or RNG, as it is called.

iTech Labs – Card distribution to players is perfectly reliable – cards are statistically random, and there is no scope for repetition or anybody predicting the cards they or others would get. The RNG of Rummy Passion is tested, approved, and certified by the world-acclaimed gaming software testing agency – iTech Labs, Australia.

  1. EV SSL Certificate

Complete Privacy – You must have observed that the address bar of Rummy Passion displays all the details of its authenticated business identity. EV SSL is the gold standard in industry security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser – to safeguard the data passed between the two, and keep it private and integral. It protects a site’s online transactions with its clients.

Kinds of SSL – There is DV (Domain Validation) SSL, OV (Organisation Validation) SSL, and EV (Extended Validation) SSL – with credibility increasing in that order. EV SSL certificate refers to the single-domain SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate that offers the highest standard in authentication and SSL protection.

EV SSL – EV SSL certification requires far more extensive evaluation as well as documentation checks for the applicant websites as compared with the other two certificate types. Rummy Passion values its players and opts for EV SSL to safeguard their interests.

  1. Robust Risk Management System To Ensure Fair Gameplay

Expert Personnel – Rummy Passion boasts a full-fledged and highly-experienced Risk-Management team, that closely monitors the gameplay habits of all the players – to ensure fair gaming across all the tables.

Properly Equipped – The team deploys hi-tech in-house tools to detect any unfair gaming practice on the part of any player, that could be detrimental to the site or any other player. When we talk of ‘unfair gaming practices’, it includes collusion by players, chip dumping, bonus abuse, multiple accounts, etc.

No Leniency – The portal deals very strictly with the players indulging in unscrupulous activities, for Rummy Passion believes in trust, integrity, and honesty in every aspect of the game. Once any such red flag comes to the fore, the account(s) of the concerned player is immediately blocked, the amount in his/her account(s) confiscated, and the player notified regarding the same.

Always In-Step – Apart from leveraging the available technology, the site strives for constant innovations to upgrade its system to make it perfectly reliable to walk in step with the advancing times.

  1. Zero Bots / Dummy Players

Real Players – Rummy Passion is the ultimate rummy destination for pan-India rummy lovers. One of the reasons is that here, you get to play against real players, and don’t have to waste your energy and spoil your mood trying to defeat robots.

Within Enjoyable Limits – Although playing the online rummy card game is all about technology, we cautiously endeavour not to overdo it. We do NOT pair our valued players against bots. Robots would be invincible and would leave you no room to win, as also render the game a mechanical activity – devoid of fun.

Be Cautious – It is always wise to prefer humans over robots, especially when you intend to invest money in the game. Be a little wary, and pit against a human rival as opposed to a computer. We just cannot hope to win against a machine.

Zero Bots & Fair Benefits – Furthermore, it goes without saying that bots would be equipped with AI, and could be deployed by some players to gain unfair advantages over their opponents. It is not unusual to hear of bots getting trained arduously for long periods so that they can beat the very best of human players.

  1. Proper KYC To Ensure Genuine Players Only

Rummy Passion abides by stringent industry norms regarding proper KYC to help you play safe. Besides verifying a player’s registered mobile number and email, the portal collects particular documents to verify the following aspects:

Proof of Identity – PAN Card –It also helps ascertain a player’s age, for the site does not allow anybody aged under 18 to play. 

  • Aids with taxation and TDS. 
  • Propels a player to play responsibly as s/he gets to know that cash winnings from the game are linked to his/her PAN card.

Proof of Residence – Aadhar Card / Passport / Voter-ID Card / Driving License.

  • Although any valid proof of residence issued by the government would serve the purpose, the Aadhar card is the most preferred one.

 Bank Details– Whatever cash you win, is transferred to your bank as per your submitted bank details.

  • For this, the name in the PAN card, that in the residence-proof, and the name in the bank account must be the same.
  • Transferring funds to a player’s bank account also validates that the money is legitimate and that the player is answerable for it.
  • The concerned team carefully scrutinizes the documents, approves or rejects them, and subsequently informs the player of the same.
  1. Player Details Security And Integrity

Confidentiality– Rummy Passion being a responsible company, thoroughly understands that the sensitive personal information of its players must stay strictly confidential and shielded from prying eyes at all costs.

Accept or Reject – As indicated, the portal collects authentic player info and uploads it to secured servers. Further, after conducting a comprehensive KYC process to match the details, it is either approved and retained in the servers or rejected and removed from the servers. The data is inaccessible except for a particular location.

2-Way Security – Additionally, precautionary steps include technical security as well as manual security. There is no possibility of hacking, phishing, downloading or copying player info, thanks to the stringent technical procedures in place (Read Multilevel Game Server Security).

Manual Security Talking about manual security, the company educates and trains its employees on how to handle sensitive information. Besides, there are different access levels to the secured data. Only authorised staff members can view player data, and among them, only a few can edit it. It is only the Supervisor level team members equipped with an ‘Edit Tracker’, who can make changes to a player’s info, and that too only when a player makes such a request.

All Secured Players can rest assured that their data is in safe hands with the website taking proactive protective measures to ensure that there is no data theft at all via any channel.

  1. Multilevel Game Server Security

Tech-Robust – As the name indicates, Rummy Passion secures its server in more than one way. It is made robust with the incorporation of various technologies, that act as protective layers to make the server invincible to predators and hackers.

AWS Firewalls – The site deploys impermeable AWS Proprietary Firewalls to filter out the data that goes in and out of the server.

Coding Techniques –The portal employs its coding experts to write customised and unique code which is largely immune to hacking. There is no unnecessary third-party software or generic code in use which is easily available in the market and can be tampered with by unscrupulous elements.

Error Trappings – Moreover, while creating our program codes for the applications that our players interact with, we put appropriate error trappings within the applications to make data breaches impossible.

Inaccessibility – EV SSL is another hallmark of the site, ensuring that all information that enters and leaves the system stays private and inaccessible to unauthorised people.

Format Restrictions – The server needs to accept data from its users to collect information. However, we impose proper format restrictions to limit and control what goes into the system.

Password Protected – Apart from that, all data at Rummy Passion is protected with complex and hard-to-crack passwords at every level. Although a very basic tool, passwords restrict access to the system, adding one more layer of security, making it safer.

  1. Secured Transactions

Safe Fund Transfer – Regarding handling monetary transactions, Rummy Passion is as safe as reputed e-commerce platforms. To begin with, all the transactions are routed via credible payment gateways provided by reputed payment partners – over a secure link established employing EV SSL – to rule out any scope of cyber fraud. Multilevel Game Server Security eliminates even remote possibilities of hacking, phishing, leakage, etc., so that fund transfer between the portal and the users is perfectly safe.

Quick Withdrawals – We accept payment via multiple channels such as Credit/Debit Card, Wire Transfers, Paytm, Net Banking, E-Wallets, Airtel Money, etc. However, when a player requests a withdrawal, we tread very cautiously. We make quick transactions in an encrypted format and via a secured tunnel – to avoid the risk of tracking and fraud.

Methods Deployed – The prize money is credited directly to the winning player’s bank using one of the two following payment modes, and there is no unnecessary delay in the process through the NEFT transaction or Via IMPS (Immediate Payment Service).

  1. A Member Of EGF

Self-Regulation – EGF or The E-Gaming Federation is a not-for-profit self-regulatory organisation established under the Societies Registration Act, to take care of the online rummy industry in the nation. It instils high standards in gaming software integrity, responsible gaming practices, and advertising for the industry. It helps bring reliability and transparency to the sector.

Sustainable Gaming – EGF primarily aims at promoting the adoption of set standards and operating principles by web rummy operators, pushing for reforms in the domain, and giving accreditation to rummy operators for adhering to such norms, with an eye on ensuring healthy, ethical, and sustainable rummy gaming in India. The key stakeholders also include policy analysts, economists, consulting firms, technology providers, etc.

Set Standards – In order to gain entry into the elitist society, a gaming operator has to abide by strict guidelines; with fair gaming and player interest at the forefront. The body works in close association with its members to come up with a regulatory framework to ascertain that all gaming operators in the country conform to the highest possible standards for a safe and fair user experience in gaming.

Perfect Standing – Rummy Passion, for one, is a proud member of EGF, for the portal has always advocated the policy of fair and responsible gaming in the rummy gaming realm.

  1. Self Exclusion

Means and Resources – Rummy Passion practises responsible gaming in letter and spirit. If a player wants to take a break from rummy for any reason, Rummy Passion allows its players the facility of self-exclusion. This is to encourage them to play responsibly, spending only as much money as they can conveniently afford.

Checking Options – If a user feels that s/he is getting addicted to gaming, s/he should make use of the self-exclusion provision. Users can get their accounts blocked on a temporary or permanent basis. They can also manage their deposit limits, i.e., the money spent at the portal playing rummy games. Here is what you can do and how:

Do It on Your Own – Use the features provided on the website to block your account for a period of 48 hours to 6 months. Go to the “MY ACCOUNT” section, and set a period for which you would not like to indulge. However, take care that once set, the time frame cannot be reversed or altered

Seek the Help of Customer Care – Give a call to the Customer Service Unit of the portal. Herein, we make an effort to interact with the player to make out the actual problem and offer a relevant resolution on the exclusion period.

Fix Your Spending Limit – Decide and set your daily and monthly purchase limit from your “MY ACCOUNT” section. Once done, it cannot be modified before 72 hours.

Whether it’s friendship or relationship, all bonds are built on trust, and trust itself comes from knowing well.

Summing Up

Rummy Passion is known for keeping players’ interests at the top by not only offering a highly interactive and user-friendly gaming platform but also ensuring their utmost safety at all levels. Rummy Passion ensures that the highest standards of security are set in place so that every rummy lover can enjoy himself without having to worry about anything else. It is one of the main reasons why the platform has been socially proclaimed as India’s Most Loved Rummy App. At Rummy Passion, players only need to worry about their gaming skills and techniques; the site’s highly secure safety net takes care of the rest. So, if you love playing rummy, and look forward to playing online cash games, Rummy Passion is the perfect choice. Get to the vibrant tables and enjoy the thrill of playing online rummy without any worries.

Happy Gaming!



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