Rummy Passion Says NO To Chip Dumping – Follow The Ethical Way

Rummy Passion Says NO to Chip Dumping - Follow the Ethical Way

Rummy Passion Says NO To Chip Dumping – Follow The Ethical Way

What’s the definition of Fair Play? Isn’t that about implementing the rules of the game into practice by fair means? However, when it comes to Online Rummy, you may come across some notable exceptions who play with an ideology that it’s OK to violate the rules of the game. At Rummy Passion, Chip Dumping is one practice that infringes upon the rulebooks of Online Rummy.

What is Chip Dumping in Online Rummy?

Chip Dumping is nothing but deceit by players to transfer their chips to other players deliberately. For example, two players are seated at a table. Now, one player purposefully loses the game to the other player, thereby winning and defrauding the site. The purpose of Chip Dumping is to help their peer/s at the tables win by using unfair gaming practices. However, this is something which is taken quite seriously at Rummy Passion.

How Players’ Right is Reserved at Rummy Passion?

Fortunately, at Rummy Passion, deception of any kind is barred. The site deploys high-tech tools to detect any unfair gaming practices. Players can enjoy playing fair rummy games, without having to worry of any fraud. The site has an excellent ‘Fraud Detection System’ that alerts if something is off beam. Rummy Passion has a special compliance squad which is always on the lookout for such duplicity so that they can take action against offenders. Not only this, but any winnings claimed wrongfully are considered null and void.

What Steps Are Taken by the Site Against Offenders?

Rummy Passion has no leniency for offenders at the site. A player found indulging in any unscrupulous activities is handled strictly. Being a responsible gaming portal, the site uses technology to monitor dishonesty, based on which, the gameplay is analyzed, and necessary actions are taken.

If any unethical activity comes to the fore, the concerned players’ gaming activities will be closely monitored, and they will be issued a warning, if found guilty of the act. In case, the bustle continues despite the warning; Rummy Passion reserves the right to block their account immediately. Moreover, the amount confiscated in players’ account won’t be refunded. NOTE – Any action taken against a player will be informed to them via email.

What’s the Ethical Way?

Rummy Passion is a player-friendly and responsible platform. Talking about Chip Dumping; it was important to generate awareness amongst players to ensure they follow the right way. So, now that you are aware of the consequences of being involved in Chip Dumping, here are the best practices to keep your gaming action on track:

  • Practice Responsible gaming – Rummy is meant to be played for entertainment and fun. However, few players find it difficult to control their habits. It’s because they believe that applying the wrong approach in gaming, such as chip dumping is a convenient way to make money quickly. If that’s the case with you, Rummy Passion suggests you to follow the right way, i.e., play fair and secure games and abide by high standards to gain maximum advantage from the game.
  • Utilize Offers to Deposits – Rather than engaging in unlawful gaming activities, the site brings some out-of-the-box offers to keep your momentum high. Choose the right offer and start playing using your skills to get more from your deposit money. This is the right way to play and win Online Rummy.
  • Improve Your Gaming for Better Results – If you have been struggling to succeed in rummy, and slipped into bad gaming habits, it’s time to change your plan of action. Practice rummy as much as you can on Rummy Passion’s play for free tables and then show your real potential on cash tables to win big.

In Essence

Rummy Passion takes pride in the fairness of its platform. This is the reason why the site has adopted strict measures to ensure that if any unfair means are caught, they are treated rigorously. Also, the site is loaded with excellent gaming features, thus safeguarding that each player enjoys healthy and ethical rummy gaming at India’s Most Loved Rummy Site.

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