Exciting New Features Now Live At Rummy Passion

Exciting New Features Now Live at Rummy Passion

Exciting New Features Now Live At Rummy Passion

We want you to have the best rummy playing experience with us. We have been listening to you and based on your valuable feedback, we are making some improvements. Though our list consists of small and big changes, we are sharing some important ones which we feel, you all should know. In fact some of you might have discovered them by now.


Let’s start with tournaments. As you are aware, currently, all our freeroll tournaments are running successfully. Since entry is free, some players register but don’t show up when the game starts, thus, causing delays in the game. This is pretty frustrating for other players. Based on their feedback, we have introduced a feature whereby an inactive player will not be dealt cards after three consecutive drops in round 1, thus making the game much faster to the relief of those players who are serious about tournaments.


For player ease, we have introduced the joker symbol for wild card joker. This removes confusion. Now it is easy for players to concentrate on their strategy.

Withdrawal Fee

In those cases when a player makes a deposit and then wants to withdraw, there is a 4% penalty for doing so (withdrawing without playing any games). Now, the penalty amount in figures will be displayed at the time of withdrawal request so that players are aware how much amount will be deducted while placing such withdrawal requests.

View Discarded Cards

In the mobile variant, now there is an option to view the discarded cards – player wise. In other words, you can see which player discarded which card.

LIVE Game Search Feature

While playing a game, in case you get disconnected or you close your browser accidentally, it is now very easy to track on which table you were playing. In mobile version, simply go to “Menu” and then click on “My Games”. The next screen will give you the option to join the table on which you were playing.

80 Point Drop

In a Deals Rummy Game, if a player is dropped due to ‘time out’, then the player will lose 80 points and NOT 40 points. This is to check misuse by some players who purposefully time themselves out when based on the previous game; they know that they can’t win the current game, which basically puts the other player in an unfair position. Hence, to be fair to all players and keeping up with the passion of true rummy, we have introduced this feature.

As we mentioned in the beginning, these are some of the points that we have highlighted. There are many more minor changes that we have made. We would also like to mention that our development and product team is working on some more feature changes and also introducing some new features, which we are sure, you would appreciate. We are sure that as and when these changes are made, your playing experience on our site will improve immensely.


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