Joker Card Rules : Role and Importance in Rummy

Joker: The Trump Card in Rummy

Joker Card Rules : Role and Importance in Rummy

Have you ever thought about the role of joker in rummy and why Joker in rummy card game is considered one of the most important cards? Or, do you know how to use a Joker in rummy as a trump card? If you don’t know about it, then you have landed at the right place.

In the game of Rummy, players have to form sequences and sets before their opponents. In a deck of cards, 52 cards and 1 joker card are used if played on a 2-player table. If you are playing on a 6-player table, then 2 decks are used. Whether you play rummy online for cash or tournaments, the Joker card always plays a significant role in the game. Let’s discuss role and strategies of joker and how it becomes advantageous for players when they get a Joker card in their hand.

How to Use a Joker Card

You can substitute a joker card for any card that you are seeking to complete a sequence or a set. All Joker cards have the same importance and can be used in the same manner. The sequence thus formed will be an impure one. When you hold joker cards in your hand, you can complete the incomplete sequences much faster and subsequently declare faster too. They have no restrictions. As per the Rummy Joker rules, all the Aces are considered Joker cards in case a picture Joker card happens to be the open Joker.

Types of Joker Cards in Online Rummy

There are two types of Joker cards in the game of rummy, which are printed jokers and wildcard jokers. Players can use these joker cards to declare their hand.

Wildcard Joker

According to Rummy Joker rules, a random card is selected at the start of the game and the same number of cards of other suits is considered a wildcard joker. Suppose 8 of ♠ is selected as a wildcard joker, then 8 of ♦, 8 of ♣, and 8 of ♥ are also considered wildcard jokers in that particular game.

Printed Joker

A printed joker is a card in which a joker is printed on it. There is one printed joker in a deck of cards. A printed joker can be used in place of a missing card to complete the sequence and set. Suppose, you have A of ♥ and A of ♣ then you can complete the set by using a printed joker (PJ).

So in two decks of cards, there will be 8 + 2 = 10 Joker Cards

  • The rules are the same, and the cards are the same, so what makes you a stand-out performer? To be the king or queen of the clan, you need to utilize the Joker in the best possible way. And by doing so, the probability of you singing the champion song would increase substantially.
  • What happens if the Picture Joker is picked as the Joker Card?

    According to rummy joker rules, this is a rare but possible situation, when the Picture Joker is also the open joker, all Aces will automatically be treated as wild card jokers.

    What happens if you get more than one Joker cards?

    If you are lucky enough to get multiple joker cards, you can use them to form multiple melds. Just ensure that you have at least one pure sequence. Using more than one joker can help you complete and declare the game faster, which in turn increases your chances of winning.

    Useful Tips For Joker Card

    As a keen rummy player, Apart from basic 13 card rummy rules, you must know how the Joker can be used as a trump card and how can we utilize it effectively in the game. A few of the useful tips we have mentioned below which will improve your joker game in rummy.

    1. Avoid Joker Card With Pure Sequence

    Joker Card Helps in Making an Impure Sequence

    In Rummy, players are required to make sequences and sets. While forming sequences and sets, at least one should be a pure sequence. Pure sequence means a sequence which is made up of using 3 or more cards of the same suit. Using a Joker card in a pure sequence won’t give an add-on benefit in the game. So, it is advised not to use a joker card when forming a pure sequence. Rather, it should be used with other cards to make an impure sequence.
    Suppose, you are dealt with 4 of ♣ and 6 of ♣ The joker can be used in place of 5 of ♣ which can help in making an impure sequence.

    2. Make a Bigger Sequence with a Joker Card

    Make a Bigger Sequence with a Joker Card

    As we, know, Sequences can be made with 3 or 4 consecutive cards of the same suit. A sequence can be a pure sequence or an impure sequence. While making an impure sequence, players are required to keep one thing in mind, which is to form a bigger impure sequence with the joker card.

    For instance, if you have 4 of ♦, 5 of ♦, 7 of ♦ and 8 of ♦ then you can use a joker card in place of 6 of ♦ to form an impure sequence. Using a joker for making bigger sequences can help you to lay a good amount of cards from the hand, but the only condition here is to make at least one pure sequence to declare the hand.

    3. Use Joker with High-value Cards

    Use Joker with High-value Cards

    In Indian rummy card game, players have to lower the points to beat the game before the opponents. High-value cards are the King, Queen, Jack, Ace, and 10 which hold 10 points each. If players are not able to make a set and sequence with the high-value cards, then players can make an impure sequence or an impure set using a joker card. Here, the Joker card act as a trump card to help in effective use of high value cards.
    Suppose, if you are drawn with K of ♦, Q of ♦ then you can use the Joker card in place of J of ♦ to form the impure sequence. Similarly, you can form an impure set with the help of joker card.

    4. Use Joker card in Triplets Only

    Use Joker card in Triplets

    In 13 card Indian rummy, a minimum of 3 cards are needed to complete the sequence and sets. Players should use the joker card in triplets only, as using it in quadruplets won’t give any add-on benefit to the player. If players can complete sets and sequences with three cards, then there is no need to use the Joker card with it. Instead of this, try to use a joker card in another set or sequence, which can help to declare the game.


    As of now, you know the benefits of using a Joker card in the game of rummy. A Joker is a trump card that works as a missing piece in the puzzle. Players can use this trump card to declare the game before their opponents. Not only this, but it also works as a substitute card to form an impure sequence or set.

    Now you know how to use Joker strategically and its role as the trump card in the game. So, what are you waiting for? Download the best rummy app and join the table to play and win big.

    See you at the tables!


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