Bad Streak – Overcome With Simple Rummy Master Plan

Bad Streak - Overcome with Simple Rummy Master Plan

Bad Streak – Overcome With Simple Rummy Master Plan

All of us have a bad day once in a while. But sometimes the streak seems to continue. If you have been losing game after game at the rummy tables and it’s making you feel anxious, even angry, there may be more to it than you think. Your instinct may be to avenge your losses and you are unable to think of anything else except winning the next game of Indian Rummy. Here are some simple Indian Rummy Tips and Tricks – easy but effective ways of dealing with such feelings. These are part of a masterplan used by many Indian Rummy experts from time to time.

Vicious Cycle

You are acting on your thoughts – instead of your goal! Playing one game after another with such negative thoughts in mind leads you nowhere. In fact, it makes you get trapped in the vicious cycle of a losing spree. You might end up playing and losing more games, or you might give up playing altogether – thinking it is not your cup of tea.

The Solution

First of all, cool down, for patience is the name of the game! When your mind is clouded with feelings of insecurity and revenge, you cannot think wisely. You tend to forget even the basics of the game. Just recall the time when you started playing it, you must have read umpteen times to act patiently, plan wisely, and act quickly!

Live in the Present Moment

  • Be Present: Don’t think of the past, don’t worry about the future. Just analyse your present cards and accordingly, strategize.
  • Grouping: Sort your cards according to the suit and colour to avoid any confusion of any sort.
  • Discarding Options: Arrange the unwanted cards separately so that you instantly know what cards you can drop.
  • Lifeline: Remember, a pure sequence is of paramount importance. Your first and foremost priority should be a pure sequence.
  • Vigilance: No indifferent attitude – Stay as alert as a hawk. Carefully observe the cards picked and dropped by your adversaries.
  • Adapt: Keep devising and altering your strategies as cards unfold in front of you with each turn of the contesting players.
  • Overhauling: Mentally revamp the tips, tricks, and cheats of online rummy – stick to the basics!
  • Spatial Intelligence: Before making any move, contemplate the consequences of your action.
  • Concentrate: As it is a kind of a fresh beginning, avoid playing at more than one table. Playing one game at a time will help you focus better.
  • Act Smart: An essential piece of advice – it is not always about winning – sometimes, it is about minimizing your loss. So, don’t rule out dropping altogether. At times, it could be the smartest move.
  • Recreation: Now, the most crucial aspect. Just recall that a game is meant to be taken as a game only. We play games to entertain ourselves, rest everything is secondary.
  • Long Stride: Last, but not the least, a life lesson that rummy teaches its players, is to take everything in their stride. So, learn from your previous mistakes and make your game as also life more wholesome!

Back to the Basics

The gist of the matter is that if you are on a losing spree, it is high time to give yourself a break, and start afresh with a relaxed mind. It includes getting rid of all sorts of negative thoughts, revisiting the fundamental concepts of the rummy game, playing one game at a time, being there doing only that, and devising smart strategies as per the changing scenario. These simple Indian rummy tips and tricks can help even the most harried players. Wish you all the best!


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