How to Use Drop Strategy in Online Rummy Games

How to Use Drop Strategy in Online Rummy Games

How to Use Drop Strategy in Online Rummy Games

As avid online rummy players, one of the first few tips and tricks we learn at the tables is to keep our points low in order to mitigate the risk of losing big. In order to win in real money rummy games, it is important to be patient and confident while devising a smart game plan. Although the outcome is mostly determined by the 13 cards in your hand, you can always tilt the odds in your favour by playing strategically.

When you play Rummy online, you are dealt a new set of cards every time. Thus, it is possible to get cards which are difficult to meld. Even if you finally get that one useful card, others at the table can always make a declaration before you. When the cards dealt seem far too difficult to arrange, dropping out of the game is a much better alternative than losing altogether.

So, what exactly does it mean to drop? And when is it perfect for pulling back from a game?

Keep reading to learn the answers.

What Exactly is a “Drop” in Online Rummy Games?

A drop is an alternative course of action in Online Rummy games, as this allows you to exit an ongoing game without incurring a big loss in case you continue to play. This tactic proves useful when you are unable to meld your cards into a valid sequence or sets.

If you have difficulty building a pure sequence during the first few instances, you may consider quitting the game. If you drop in the middle of the game, you will only be docked 40 points. This situation is generally a better idea than losing by a significant margin.

What are the Various Types of Drops in Online Rummy?

various types of drop strategies

There are two types of drops in Online Rummy games: initial drop and middle drop.

First Drop

You can exercise the first drop in your very first turn. You will get only 20 points for the first drop. This helps in minimising the point tally to a marginal score of 20 points, rather than losing the game with a big margin.

Middle Drop

A player gets 40 points for the middle drop. If you decide to drop the game after the second turn, it is considered a middle drop. It must be taken into account that you cannot exercise a drop in a 2 player Deals Rummy game.

Top 4 Reasons to Drop from a Rummy Game

Now let’s get into when you can choose to drop while playing a Rummy game. There may be several reasons to drop, but here are the top 4:

1) Having High Cards & No Pure Sequence

having high cards and no pure sequence

When you check out the cards you’re dealt, the first thing you should look out for is if you have any pure sequence. In case you have no pure sequence and the majority of your cards are high-value cards, you should consider exercising the first drop. This is because in such a situation, your points score is very high and the possibility of being able to meld all cards into valid sequences and sets can be too low.

2) Having No Joker Cards & Only High-value Cards

having no joker cards and only high value cards

Another situation that can make a player go for a first drop is if you have no Joker cards (Printed or Wildcard), and the majority of high-value cards in hand. In this case, even if you have a pure sequence, and you feel the remaining cards are difficult to meld, then dropping out may seem to be the right decision. You should take a calculated call after analysing the cards properly. If your unarranged cards seem feasible to meld, you could take a chance to continue the game.

You could wait till your second turn or third turn and then decide if making a middle drop is the right decision.

3) No Pure Sequence & No Joker Cards

 no pure sequence and no joker cards

Many players get hopeless when they are dealt with cards that are difficult to meld into a valid combination. You should check for Joker cards and try to build a pure sequence soon after you begin your game. Although you may have a low score, not having a pure sequence can put you at a risk. In this case, it may be wise to drop the game, as it will take you many turns before you can meld all your cards into the valid sequences and sets.

4) Having Non-Sequential Cards

having non-sequential cards

Non-sequential cards are basically numbered cards that aren’t of the same suit. In this possible scenario, you may have some Joker cards, in fact sometimes, having one or even multiple Jokers can flummox the best of players. If you have Joker cards, but no pure sequence and all other cards are non-sequential, it is advised for you to drop the game.

How to Incorporate the Drop Strategy?

If properly implemented, the strategy of dropping out of the game in Online Rummy can save you from losing with a big margin. If you believe you have been dealt a terrible hand and have little to no chance of arranging your cards into the proper combinations, you should retract straight away. This will lead to only a 20 point loss.

You can also choose a middle drop if your confidence in winning the game starts to wane as the game progresses. If the total value of the unpaired cards in your hand amount to big points, you should drop to save your game.

As making a pure sequence is the first objective in each rummy game, it is essential to look out for cards that can be put together to form a pure sequence. Even if you cannot build a pure sequence initially, you can still play if you are confident that you will be able to do this within the next 2 to 3 turns. A game analysis can also help you determine whether to drop the game or continue playing.


Rummy is a highly competitive game, and the right approach can tilt the game in your favour, along with a positive mindset. Just like other games, Rummy also must be played with a high-spirited mindset and a zeal to win. You don’t have to play every hand in Online Rummy. You can drop from games about which you seem to be apprehensive. This will save you time and money, which you can then spend on a new rummy game.

You might lose a few games at times, but learning from your rummy mistakes can help you become a pro at this game. If you are a beginner in the Online Rummy games, it’s the perfect opportunity to play with 50+ Lakh players at Rummy Passion and revel in the unending fun.

So, start playing real money rummy games and polish your game with these advanced tips and tricks!

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