Don’t Panic if You Have No Jokers In A 13 Card Rummy Game

Don’t Panic if You Have No Jokers in a 13 Card Rummy Game

Don’t Panic if You Have No Jokers In A 13 Card Rummy Game

Among the numerous versions of Indian Rummy13 Card Rummy is probably the most preferred choice of card game lovers, especially in India. It has existed for many decades now and is relished by people from myriad backgrounds and in myriad ways, for the myriad aspects and benefits associated with it, one of them being it makes you innovative.

Housewives savor it in kitty parties, office goers and travellers make the most of their time spent in transit by indulging in their favourite leisure pursuit, family gatherings are considered incomplete if this marvel of cards is not included and the elderly miss no opportunity to lap up their favourite game.

Now with the emergence of latest technology, ⁣/b>the new tech-savvy generation has also started going for it in a really big way. The online version of this game of skills is all the more attractive, interesting and engaging, which accounts for the exponential surge in its popularity. One feature of this game is the use of Joker cards, ⁣/b> which not only simplifies the task but also adds spice to the game. There are two kinds of Jokers:

  • Printed Joker -There is one printed joker in every deck of cards.
  • Wild card joker -After cards are distributed among the players, a card is randomly opened and placed below the closed deck. This is the wildcard joker and all cards of this number/face are then used as Jokers. If the open joker happens to be the printed joker, then all Aces are considered as wild card jokers.

The Joker cards make it easy for players to meld their cards. So, most rummy players tend to get flabbergasted if they don’t get any Joker. However, we advise you not to worry, as a significant aspect of Rummy card games is that besides entertaining the players, they instil life skills in them. Still, we are mentioning here the possible remedies for your resourcefulness.

Careful Analysis

Have a close look at your cards and try to figure out how easy or difficult it would be to meld them into valid sequences and/or sets. You might not have got a Joker, but otherwise your cards might be pretty good and you can see that you would be able to meld them within a few turns. In this scenario, there is no need to fret, and you can continue with your task. As a precaution, one can start with Free Rummy Game Online or play Rummy Offline to practice.

Calculate and Drop

Arrange your cards in the way you would like to form sequences/sets. If you spot that too many cards are missing, and you would require too many turns to meld them, be prudent and drop out in the very first turn. This will ensure that you get only 20 points and your loss is the minimum possible.

Wait and Watch

If you are the kind who believes that ‘A bad workman quarrels with his tools’; you would of course want to continue with the game, accepting it as a challenge. However, be very watchful– notice very carefully what cards your opponents are picking and dropping and also how you can make the best use of these discards. Also try to figure out if your rivals are nearing completion. Furthermore, if you are not able to achieve much in 2–3 turns, it would be better to opt for a middle drop with 40 points. A calculative approach is always better.

The Crux of the Matter

The above strategies will surely help you, yet it is advisable to take a game as a game only. The primary purpose of a game is to prepare you to maintain poise even in daunting situations, and this game of mathematical permutations and combinations too aims at not only amusing you but also propelling you to act with a cool head come what may!

‘Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference’. –Winston Churchill


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