Popular Card Games in India

Popular Card Games in India

Popular Card Games in India

Card games have been a popular means of entertainment in India for a long time now. Playing cards have kept players engrossed for hours and continue to be a thread in the social fabric. Several games and their variants are indigenous to the Indian sub continent and others have been adopted in their original forms from other parts of the world. Much of the playing has shifted online with a greater penetration of the internet and smartphones. Whatever the medium, card games continue to remain a regular pastime for many adults in the country.

Teen Patti

All players are dealt 3 cards each. The winning player is the one who holds the highest ranking combination. Players must put in a pre decided ante amount or boot to participate in the game. The boot is the minimum amount that must be contributed by each participating player. They then can bid more based on the cards in their hand. Players who are not confident of their cards can ‘pack’ up and surrender their boot or ‘ante’ and leave the game. Continuing players must play a higher or equal amount of game to the previous player. The sum total of the Pot amount including the boot amount is won by the winning player. Teen Patti is played throughout the year and gains a strong momentum during the festival of Deepavali.

Popular variations are

Muflis – lowest ranking cards win
AK 47 – Ace, King, Four and Seven are joker cards

Indian Rummy

This game of skill is played between 2 to 6 players. It is a drop and discard game which can be played with multiple decks. Indian rummy can be played with 10, 13 or 21 cards. Players have to form sets and sequences with the cards in hand. The player who is able to form valid sequences and sets first is declared the winner. Also known as paplu, the game involves strategy and mathematics. A valid declare must consist of at least one pure sequence of 3 cards. Jokers and wildcard jokers can be substituted for any card to form impure sequences or sets. Online rummy is very popular now as players do not have to look in the real world for playing partners.

Popular variations are

Points Rummy
Pools Rummy – 101 and 201 point
Deals Rummy

Satte Pe Satta (7 on 7)

There can be any number of players but the minimum is 2. The player holding the 7 of ♥ begins the game. The player sitting next to the starting player can only play a number higher or lower, i.e. a 6 of ♥or an 8 of ♥. If they do not have either one of these cards, they have to pass their turn. A 7 of any other color can supersede and when it does, the next player can play a 6 or 8 of that color only. The player who finishes their cards first by blocking others is the winner. Multiple decks are used if there are many players.

Teen Do Paanch (3 2 5)

This interesting card game uses only 30 cards and can be played between 3 people. The cards kept for the game are 7 of spades to Ace of spades, 7 of hearts to Ace of hearts, 8 of clubs to Ace of clubs and 8 of diamonds to Ace of diamonds. One of the players has to make a total of 5 hands, another player has to make 3 hands and the dealer who is the winner of the previous hand has to make only 2 hands. Players who make more than their required share of hands win.


The popular game of Poker has gained a lot of ground in India in recent times. Though there are several variants of the game, and rules can vary substantially some basic one apply. Each player gets dealt five cards. Based on the strength of their cards, players place their offers in the pool. The player with the highest bid wins unless challenged by another player. A show of cards takes place between other players and the best hand wins. In some variations, players can try to improve their cards by drawing and discarding.

Popular variations

Stud Poker
Draw Poker
Texas Hold’em
Omaha Hi Lo


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