The Growing Love For Online Rummy In Kerala

The Growing Love for Online Rummy in Kerala

The Growing Love For Online Rummy In Kerala

The online rummy industry is growing exponentially in Kerala. Players from all walks of life hop on to the online game tables for enjoying different rummy variants and taking home exciting rewards. Being a state with the highest literacy rate, the people here are more inclined towards spending their leisure time on skill-based games such as Rummy. Just like many others, you too can enjoy the fun of playing Online Rummy in Kerala by downloading the Rummy Passion App here:

18+  This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly and at your own risk.

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“A green state, with raining climate, birds, trees, fields, and the beauty of villages, And it’s called God’s Own Country.” – Sreechithra Cheruvakkara

Welcome to God’s Own Country, Kerala – a state where you’ll find nature in all its glory ranging from the mesmerizing backwaters to the astoundingly clean beaches, and even hill stations like Munnar, famous for its lush tea gardens, exotic green and craggy peaks. But its natural beauty is not the only factor that makes Kerala a popular tourist spot. It’s also the generous hospitality of natives towards any visitor in the state, and their friendly nature, which directly reflects the high-values imbibed in them from a very young age.

A State Where Skills and Education Matter the Most

The 96.2% literacy rate in Kerala is not something that has been accomplished overnight. Awareness about the importance of education began way back in the 19th century when the royalty took necessary measures to ensure education for all. Post-Independence, the Kerala State Literacy Mission Authority took over this responsibility to providing the required means of education to even the poorest, encouraging even women and lower caste workers to enhance their skills. It is a major reason to why people love playing online Rummy here, a game that entertains and enriches their cognitive skills. All in all, it’s Keralites passion for learning something new and a hunger to learn more each day that makes them so successful on the vibrant game tables. Did you know that Kerala has the highest media exposure in India, with newspapers being published in nine different languages? It ensures that everyone can stay updated of the latest news without relying on secondary sources.

A Hotspot for the Explorers

The tourism industry in Kerala is thriving, mainly due to its wide expanse of natural beauty majorly comprising backwaters, hill stations, beaches, Ayurvedic tourism, and tropical greenery the major attractions. The state is also famous for its wide variety of authentic Indian spices, and for manufacturing the purest form of coconut oil. In fact, Kerala is also referred to as India’s Spice garden. Do you know what’s even spicier in the state? It’s the euphoria and excitement of playing online rummy games while competing against lakhs of other players from across the country. Players are eager to participate in tournaments and other game promotions to take home the many exciting rewards. When it comes to excitement and adventure, boat racing in Alappuzha (Allepey), is a common sport apart from playing online Rummy that the locals here love indulging in. It’s all these reasons that together make Kerala rank among the top 10 paradises in the world.

Summing Up

Kerala is a state where one can find nature at its prime beauty. Besides, people of this state are well informed, and leave no stone unturned to enhance their skills through both education and entertainment. It is a reason why online rummy games are so popular here. The game is highly exhilarating and provides players with ample opportunities to boost their skills and win big cash rewards. If you too, are from Kerala and would love to explore the world of Online Rummy, it’s never too late to get started. Download the Rummy Passion App and start playing right away.


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