What’s New In Cash Tournaments?

What’s New in Cash Tournaments?

What’s New In Cash Tournaments?

Rummy Passion hosts 13 Cards Indian Rummy with a variety of three different rummy formats i.e. Points, Pool, and Deals in a safe and responsible gaming environment.

Without upgradation, everything becomes obsolete. Rummy Passion as a platform, understands this concept and is constantly innovating and evolving to strive ahead in this fast-paced digital world.

The latest string of advancements brings great news for all avid Rummy tournament players in India. India’s Most Loved Rummy App has introduced two new categories of Cash Rummy Tournaments and multiple other features.

Let’s explore these new additions in the points below-

Updates in Existing Rummy Tournaments

Rummy Passion offers the best Rummy Tournaments in the Online Rummy arena. With the introduction of significant features and revamped tournament structure, Rummy Passion is all set to host new and revised tournaments.

1. The UI of the game lobby has been upgraded with notable changes. Unlike earlier, Freeroll and Starter tournaments have now been clubbed under one group as “FREEROLL” in the Tournament section. The beginner tournament will be visible only to eligible players.

2. Changes have been made in the Tournament display screen to convey information regarding tournament types.

3. Post registration, the register now button will start displaying the option to withdraw. The countdown timer will start 10 minutes prior to the beginning of the tournament. If there are more than 10 minutes to go, the box will display the Date and Time for the start of a particular tournament.

4. No filter button will be displayed in the freeroll tab and it will appear as a hanging button on the left side of the tournaments page.

5. We listened to our player feedback and implemented a new drop strategy for all cash tournament variations. If players don’t make any action on their turns then there will be only one no-action turn allowed after which the player will be dropped from the game automatically.

6. Players are required to download the Rummy Passion App  to try their hands at Rummy Tournaments. The players playing on desktop browsers will no longer be able to play Tournaments. Rummy Tournaments at Rummy Passion will be accessible only via mobile app or mobile browser. If you haven’t already done so, this is a great reason to download the Rummy Passion App.

7. Along with regular Cash Rummy Tournaments, two fast-tracked tournament types have been introduced. These two new Rummy tournaments are called Turbo and Turbo Max.

Types of Cash Deals Rummy Tournaments at Rummy Passion

Tournaments are one of the most popular types of Rummy games. Players have to devise and implement smart strategies to win at these games. By effectively executing tips and tricks in the Rummy tournaments, players can comfortably steer forward in the game.

Rummy Passion is set to host three types of Tournaments in Deals Rummy format with an improvised UI of the game lobby.

regular cash tournaments

Regular Cash Tournaments

These are cash tournaments that take place on a daily basis.

Number of Deals – 6

Waiting time for first player when deal starts – 45 seconds

Waiting time for each turn – 45 seconds

Buffer Time – 30 Seconds

cash turbo cash tournaments

Cash Turbo Tournaments

These are the newly introduced tournaments providing swift gaming experience to players and having less waiting time between each turn.

Number of Deals – 3

Waiting time for first player when deal starts – 45 seconds

Waiting time for each turn – 30 seconds

Buffer Time – 30 Seconds

turbo max tournaments

Cash Turbo Max Tournaments

This is another new launch. Being the fastest Cash Rummy tournament of the lot, it offers a quick and thrilling gameplay experience to the players.

Number of Deals – 1

Waiting time for first player when deal starts – 45 seconds

Waiting time for each turn – 15 seconds

Buffer Time – 30 seconds

Note: For all 3 types of Rummy Tournaments, there will be only one No-action turn allowed after which the player will be dropped from the game automatically. The various outcomes of inactivity are shown in the table below.


Player Inactivity Outcomes in Tournaments


Scenario Outcome
Player sitting but not played on first turn 20 Points drop
Player sitting but not played on second turn 40 Points drop
Player sitting but not played on third turn 40 Points drop
Player not sitting 20 Points drop in first turn
Player sitting but disconnected after taking a seat If disconnects in the first turn- 20 Points Drop
If disconnects after the first turn- 40 Points Drop
Player picks the card but takes no further action System will discard the card and add it back to the open deck


In order to improve your gaming experience, Rummy Passion is constantly innovating and coming up with new facets to add to the game of Rummy.

India’s Most Loved Rummy App, Rummy Passion will now host three types of Cash Rummy Tournaments with enhanced UI of the game lobby.

Aforementioned are details including the updates and brief information about the latest Tournaments. Directed towards hosting a safe, secure, seamless and fun gaming experience, these updates are sure to add zest and refreshment to your Rummy escapade.

Try your hands at Rummy Tournaments and compete with the best players across India to win your share of big cash prizes.


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