What’s New @ Rummy Passion in 2023

What’s New @ Rummy Passion In 2023

What’s New @ Rummy Passion in 2023

The world of online rummy has seen a phenomenal rise in popularity over the years, attracting millions of players from around the globe. With a massive community of 10 million registered users, Rummy Passion continues to evolve and cater to the needs and preferences of its ever-expanding player base.

Latest Updates at Rummy Passion

With the introduction of new features and updates, Rummy Passion has become the ultimate destination for rummy enthusiasts. So let’s explore the new enhancements that solidify Rummy Passion’s status as the go-to platform for rummy players.

1. Celebrating 10 Million Registered Users: A Milestone of Gratitude and Innovation

Online gaming in India has grown exponentially over the years, and the Rummy card game has emerged as an unquestionable favourite, gaining the hearts of millions of gamers. The Rummy Passion family has grown to encompass an astonishing 10 million registered users, marking an incredible milestone in our journey. This milestone is more than just a number, it shows our users’ great support and dedication to our platform.

We are appreciative of their unwavering commitment and promise to continue providing them with a great gaming experience. The sense of community and competition is stronger than ever, and the platform continually strives to improve the gaming experience for its players.

2. Introducing GST Cash Bonus: Alleviating your Burden

With the recent 28% GST on all deposits amendment, we understand the financial repercussions of online gaming. That’s why we’ve come up with a solution to ease your burden, which is the GST Cash Bonus.

When you use the promo code NOGST, you will receive 100% of the GST amount as a cash bonus in your Rummy Passion wallet when you make a deposit. For example, if you deposit Rs 100, with a 28% GST amount deducted. There’s no need to worry as Rummy Passion will compensate you with the GST by returning the exact amount as a bonus to your wallet to allow you to continue playing. We want to ensure your gaming experience is great, so we’re delighted to provide this cash bonus.

3.Instant Withdrawals Feature: Empowering Silver Tier Users

At Rummy Passion, we take our players’ feedback seriously, and their satisfaction has always been our top priority. We are excited to announce an upgraded Instant Withdrawals feature as a result of your valuable feedback. This function was previously available exclusively to Gold Tier, Platinum Tier, and Black Tier players, and we are excited to make it available to our Silver Tier players as well. The Silver Tier users no longer have to endure wait times as withdrawals are now quick and easy.

It’s easier than ever to access this feature. All you have to do is complete your KYC information, make a successful deposit, and keep a record of collusion-free gameplay. This update is a step towards fulfilling our aim to deliver an exciting and convenient gaming experience.

4. inTrust Bonus: Rewarding your Loyalty

Rummy Passion values your commitment and always seeks ways to express our appreciation for your everlasting dedication. That’s why we introduced the inTrust Bonus.

Simply keeping a balance in your account will earn you a 12% PA bonus on your total amount. To be eligible for the inTrust bonus you need to be an active player and either participate in one cash tournament or play one cash game in the last 30 days. It’s important to keep your Rummy Passion account balance more than Rs. 200 in order to avail of this cash bonus. Not just this, your inTrust bonus will be credited to your Rummy Passion account without any delay.

5. Play to Earn Rewards: Passion into Profit

The Play to Earn feature has been added to the Passion Rewards Club, creating a compelling opportunity for players that they cannot miss out on. It’s as simple as making a deposit and delving into the world of rummy cash games. This feature is intended for Rummy aficionados who wish to improve their gameplay experience. The play-to-earn feature is the start of an exciting journey that will take you up the success ladder.

The Silver Tier is the basic tier from where your journey to higher rewards begins. In the Silver Tier, players get 5 points for every Rs 10 rake. With the update in the Instant Withdrawals feature, Silver Tier players can now withdraw their winning amount instantly. The Black Tier is the ultimate destination as it is the highest tier in the Play to Earn feature. Players who fall under this tier, get the opportunity to get exclusive services from the VIP host. Players also get exclusive gifts, bonuses and access to the tournaments.

6. New Addition to Sit & Go Tournaments: Unwavering Gaming Experience

Sit & Go tournaments were a welcome addition to the Cash Tournaments last year. Following player feedback, new tables have been added to the Sit & Go tournaments, further improving the multiple options available to the players for enjoying the competition.


The latest Rummy Passion updates will have a definitive blast at the playing tables. Your encouragement, feedback, and passion motivate us to always innovate and grow. We are dedicated to making your Rummy experience unrivalled in terms of excitement, ease, and rewards. We are updating our withdrawals feature in which you can withdraw your amount even if the balance dips below Rs 200. Furthermore, we will introduce new features and update the existing ones for your hassle-free gameplay experience.

Thank you for joining the Rummy Passion family. Here’s to many more games, challenges, and wins in the future. So, let’s continue on this exciting journey because Rummy is more than simply a card game; it’s a celebration of community, skill, and the joy of play.

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