Top 5 Challenges Faced by an Online Rummy Player

Top 5 Challenges Faced by an Online Rummy Player

Top 5 Challenges Faced by an Online Rummy Player

Rummy is undeniably the most popular among all card games and its digital version is also topping the charts in real money games.

In the last few articles, we have discussed Rummy tips and tricks to become a proficient player in this game. While we have mentioned almost everything that covers this important topic, here we will discuss a critical aspect i.e. the common challenges faced by Online Rummy players.

Not just beginners, even players with ample expertise and practice in the game of Rummy can face numerous impediments while playing cash games and tournaments. This is because Online Rummy is a challenging game that requires sheer patience and skills to win.

Let’s read some of the common problems faced by Online Rummy players.

Difficulties Faced by Online Rummy Players

When you gain confidence in the game and become an experienced player, the urge to play at bigger cash tables arises. However, transitioning from free to cash tables can be challenging at times, especially at the early stages of the game. Players can also face difficulties when moving from cash games to tournaments or vice-versa.

Here are 5 common challenges that Rummy players encounter while competing at Online Rummy tables.

sorting cards

1. Sorting Cards

A major challenge in an Online Rummy game is sorting cards. In the Indian Rummy game, each player is dealt 13 cards that they need to meld into different combinations of sequences and sets. For that, the first thing players need to do is sort their cards.

Sorting of cards can be done manually or by using the “Sort” button available on a player’s game screen. The cards are arranged according to suit or colour, thus making it easy for you to identify a prospective sequence or set.

Sorting of cards can be done manually but it can be a challenging and time-consuming process, so the “Sort” button available on Rummy Passion’s game screen comes in handy.

creating a pure sequence

2. Creating a Pure Sequence

Another challenge players face while playing Online Rummy is to create a pure sequence. A combination of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit is termed a pure sequence. This combination is mandatory to win the game.

To create valid pure sequences, players usually have to pay a lot of attention while drawing and arranging cards. You will end up losing by a score of 80 points if you declare your game without forming a pure sequence. So, it is vital to focus on creating a pure sequence first to mitigate the risk of losing.

waiting for joker card

3. Waiting for Joker Card

The Joker plays a crucial role in the Indian Rummy game. It can be used as a substitute for a missing card in a sequence or a set and helps in melding an impure sequence. So, it is safe to say that the absence of a joker card worries Rummy players, they have a natural inclination toward the joker card as it helps them in forming impure sequences.

However, it is rare to get more than one joker in hand. Players have their eye on this important card and look forward to drawing it in the game.

tricked by the opponent

4. Tricked by the Opponent

A Rummy player is required to have multiple skills and use various techniques to ace the game of Rummy. One of the most essential techniques that a player should bear is the art of bluffing. Bluffing in Rummy is the ability to deceive or trick your opponents in order to get the desired card.

During an Online Rummy game or tournament, players compete against opponents having varying levels of expertise in the game. Some pro players might try to bluff their opponents by throwing a card adjacent to the one they require to meld cards into a sequence.

In such cases, it is important to keep a track of every player’s moves at the table and analyse their tricks. Perhaps, you can devise a counter-trick that can help you win the game.

making a wrong move

5. Making a Wrong Move

When it comes to Online Rummy games, players are usually thrilled by the gaming experience at the action-packed game tables. Even though all players rigorously brush up their skills by playing several practice games to prepare for the ultimate challenge.

However, there are instances where players tend to make a wrong move and end up losing the game. It is important to remain calm throughout the game and make well thought out moves.

To avoid mistakes, players should sort their cards in proper order and play every move mindfully.


If you are new to Rummy games, you should focus on getting a stronghold on the basics in order to form a strong foundation. You can start playing practice games and test out your game expertise. Once you feel confident enough, you can start playing cash games and tournaments where you can win lakhs of rupees in rewards.

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See you at the tables!


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