Deals Rummy: All You Need To Know

Deals Rummy: All You Need To Know

Deals Rummy: All You Need To Know

Deals Rummy is one of the popular and commonly played variants of 13-card Indian Rummy. In this variant, a fixed number of deals are played, and every player is dealt a fixed number of chips at the beginning of the game. Just like in Points Rummy and Pool Rummy, a regular deck of 52 cards is used if played on a 2-player table and on a 6-player table, two decks are used. A system-generated toss is used to determine who gets to move first, and a wildcard joker is chosen.

Just like other variants of rummy, players must arrange the cards that are dealt to them to avoid any such confusion. Players must form at least one pure sequence, with the remainder being an impure sequence and set. On every turn, players have to pick one card either from the closed deck or open deck and discard one card which is not needed to form a sequence or set. The use of joker cards in this variant of rummy is similar to that in Points Rummy and Pool Rummy.

Once the player has formed all the necessary sets and sequences, they can lay down their cards on the table to show their hand. Points are calculated on the basis of the cards left in each player’s hand. The game continues for a certain number of deals (2 or 3) and the player with the most points at the end of the deal is declared winner.

How are the winnings calculated in Deals Rummy?

The number of chips depends on how many deals are played in this variant of rummy. The number of points in Deals Rummy is 80 points, if two players are playing for two deals then the point value is increased by two. Hence,160 chips are given to both players at the beginning of the game. Based on the scores of the players, the winner of each deal gets all of the losing players’ points at the end of the game. Players are ranked depending on their total chips once all the deals have been completed. The player with the highest number of chips gets the highest rank. If there is a tie between the players, then a tiebreaker game is played to determine the winner of the game.

How are scores calculated in Deals Rummy?

The player with the maximum number of chips at the end of the deal (2 or 3) is considered the winner. Player who wins the hand gets all the chips lost by opponents. The winning amount is calculated as entry fee x no. of players, with little adjustments for service expenses.

Drop in Deals Rummy Card Game

In Deals Rummy card game, players can make a drop if they feel that the cards are not favourable for winning. But, if there are only two players playing on the table, then they cannot exercise the drop option. If the game is played on a 6-player table, players can make an initial drop or mid-drop. In the initial drop, the player loses 20 chips, and if they make a mid-drop, then they lose 40 chips. If a player misses three consecutive turns then they are dropped from the game automatically.


To suffice, we can say that Deals Rummy is an engaging and alluring variant of 13-card Indian Rummy. With the added elements of certain deals and chips, this game offers a competitive and unpredictable environment that keeps players on their toes. Players can play Deals Rummy at India’s Most Loved Rummy App- Rummy Passion and win huge cash and rewards.

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