What Pace to Adopt in Online Rummy – Offensive or Defensive?

What Pace to Adopt in Online Rummy - Offensive or Defensive?

What Pace to Adopt in Online Rummy – Offensive or Defensive?

The Indian gaming industry has seen a ton of technological advancements in the past decade. It has, in fact, completely transformed peoples’ perception of playing online games. If we take an example of the famous card game – rummy, a decade back, it was played amidst friends and family occasionally, but today it has become the most demanded source of entertainment in the country.

Rummy is a fun and challenging game, that is played by employing various skills and strategies. To win the game, players must make valid sets/sequences and declare before their opponent(s). While doing so, players must keep certain aspects in mind, such as which pace to adopt when planning their moves. There are two approaches – Offensive and Defensive, and one can use either of these, or intelligently combine them while playing. Both these approaches some positive and some negative aspects. Often beginners question what tactic they must go for to guarantee a win in rummy, but the answer varies from one game to another.

Offensive Play

Adopting the offensive pace implies that a player has made his/her mind to continually attack opponent(s) with his/her moves. Playing offensive requires immense practice and persistence, and one must be highly proactive and proficient while using different rummy strategies. Aggressive play aids in developing better observation skills, time management, and improves ones’ tendency to make better decisions. Continuously attacking opponents with different tricks entails that a player has a good memory, and loves innovating different strategies. But it is also important to ensure that the same tricks are not being used repetitively, as these tricks may backfire on them.

Defensive Play

Playing in the defensive means that a player is allowing his/her opponent/s to set the pace. A player will then plan and makes his move based on how his/her opponent is playing the game. He is able to adapt to his opponents’ style, while at the same time playing countermoves to nullify the opponents’ strategy. In a way, he instigates his rival players to misjudge his proficiency in the game, and in the process make a wrong move.

Typically, players do not adopt this approach unless there is no other choice left. Defensive play means that you are submissive by nature, and this trait can often make you lose out on a game. One must be extraordinarily focussed and determined to win, and should have immense knowledge on counterattacking moves of contending players.

What is the Right Pace to Adopt?

Now that you know the difference between offensive and defensive approaches, you might be sceptical of which one to choose. We advise you to adopt an offensive approach when starting out. It is easy to adopt a ‘play-it-safe’ attitude, but this won’t lead you far. You must play in the offensive unless you are matched with an opponent far more superior in skills and is making moves using advanced strategies. In this case, you can turn to the defensive approach, and decide your next step based on your rivals’ gameplay.

You will always remain on your toes while playing in the offence, but on your heels when playing defensive style. If you are not too sure which style to adopt, you can play with a combination of offensive and defensive. While aggressive strategy can be used to set the game’s pace, the defensive approach for understanding opponents’ game and accordingly making countermoves.

Regardless of whatever pace you choose, always ensure that you are entirely familiar with the basic of the game. Avoid making hasty decisions by planning your strategy well in advance. And don’t forget to keep practising both styles of playing, you never know which one will come handy in a fierce competition.

Happy Gaming!


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