Not Winning in Online Rummy? Here’s why!

Not Winning in Online Rummy? Here's why!

Not Winning in Online Rummy? Here’s why!

In recent years, the online Rummy game has been in the talks, and for all good reasons. The universally appealing nature of this game can be witnessed by the rapidly growing user base. Millions of players from across the country love playing online Rummy because of the versatility this game offers. The entertainment factor, multiplied with bouts of adrenaline rush and the opportunity to win real money rewards, have made online Rummy extremely popular in India.

However, players are often unaware of certain basic aspects of the game, making it somewhat difficult for them to ace it.

You must know how to play Rummy smartly by executing strategies, tips, and tricks to turn the tides in your favour.

Considering there is real cash up for grabs in the game, here are some dos and don’ts to maximise your winning and keep losses to a minimum.

1. Not Sticking to Basic Rules and Concepts

not sticking to basic rules and concepts

You can never win in a game of online Rummy without getting well-versed with its basic rules and concepts.

The game of Rummy needs a player to have game knowledge, especially if you wish to become a better player. For example, you can’t make a valid declaration without having a pure sequence. There are many such simple 13 card rummy rules to keep in mind if you wish to perform better in the game. Some players resort to dishonest practices to win the game instead of learning the basics. However, it is a highly unlikely event in online games such as Rummy due to their highly secure game structure. Online Rummy platforms like Rummy Passion employ advanced high-tech technology that prevent players from indulging in fraudulent or wrongful acts. All the activities on the platform are closely monitored to ensure fair gameplay for all.

2. Experiencing Distraction

experiencing distraction

Few players might be drawn to play consecutively after playing and winning a streak of games. One might start to believe that all cash games played by them will yield a win every time. It’s safe to say that this situation does not imply that they lack sincerity. Still, they are prone to exhaustion, leading to reduced concentration and losing while playing the game. Therefore, it is advised to avoid such a situation and give in to the distraction, thereby taking a break.

3. Improper Arrangement of the Cards

improper arrangement of the cards

The most important step is to sort the cards into valid sets/sequences as soon as the 13-cards are dealt. This practice is essential to figure out which cards are insignificant. However, most players don’t execute this simple technique and therefore end up throwing away high-priority cards.

4. Not Keeping a Tab on the Competitors’ Hand

not keeping a tab

In the game of Rummy, it is vital to assess our own cards and keep a close watch on the opponents’ moves. This helps the player to get an edge over the opponent and always stay ahead of them in the game.

5. Not Knowing When to Give Up

not knowing when to give up

Mastering the game requires more than just playing the cards well. When dealing with an unfavourable hand, a player must learn the art of minimising their loss by dropping out of the game. It is advised to not carry the game forward unnecessarily when the cards are seemingly difficult to meld. This is another common error most Rummy players make, resulting in losing the game with multiple points.

6. Having a Fear of Losing

having a fear of losing

It is absolutely essential to be confident in your gameplay and leave the fear of losing once you decide to play Rummy online. Winning is the ultimate choice for everyone, but it is vital to take your losses in your stride, as it is also an essential part of the game. Losses help us to learn from the mistakes and craft a better-improvised strategy for the next game.

If you find yourself making any of the above-mentioned mistakes in your past, it’s time to start afresh. Read ahead to learn the tips to follow while facing a streak of losses in Rummy cash games and minimise your losses.

  • Be patient & calm: It’s good to have nerves of steel while coping with the losses. Being calm and patient helps recoup from the loss while regaining lost confidence. Aggression can worsen things, especially in the game of Rummy. If the losses in cash games are more than the number of wins, try a different game table or join a low-stake table. It will help you discover your strong zones and also figure out your shortcomings.
    Play with a positive mindset, and don’t let your emotions take over.
  • Take a break: If you are entangled in a streak of losses, you can always stand out and take a break. Rummy Passion’s “Self-Exclusion” feature can help you take a break from the game by excluding yourself for a period of 72 hours to 6 months from the game.
  • Get well-versed with the basics: Only when you are well-versed with the basics, can you learn to execute new strategies for winning. Therefore, before starting gameplay, one must have clarity on the game basics. Rummy practice games are designed to give you an in-depth understanding of the game, get familiar with the platform and improve your skills.
  • Play practice games: Practice games help you polish your skills and get more insights into a variation. The more you will play, the better you get. Most of the platforms offer free-to-play tables for players to hone their skills and develop newer strategies without the fear of losing money.
  • Set appropriate goals: We all set goals in life based on our aspirations. It may be getting a particular vehicle, a job promotion, or simply living a happy life. After aiming for a goal, we strive hard and put our best to achieve it. If you set goals in Rummy, you have a higher chance of performing better in the game. Setting up a definite budget or preparing to win a tournament can be good goal setting examples. It is important to have a certain goal that can help you improve your skill and performance.
  • Play responsibly: Because of the enthralling nature of the game, players might develop compulsive behaviour toward the game. As this is a real money game, some new players tend to invest their hard-earned money into the game, only expecting big winnings in return. However, their lack of knowledge and basics results in losses and ultimately debts. It is crucial to play the game responsibly to prevent any potential losses. At Rummy Passion, various responsible gaming practices are implemented across the platform. You can limit your spending in the game via an automated feature and set a daily limit on your gameplay and deposits to avoid financial instability and overspending.


On a closing note, it is ideal to execute smart rummy habits and strategies to play more effectively and pave your way through the losses.

To win at Rummy, one should have the ability to focus like an eagle and be calm like the sea at the same time.

Even if you lose, remember that winning and losing is just a part and parcel of life. You should never get disheartened by a loss; all you need to do at that point is take a step back, skill up and keep striding ahead.


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