How Picking Unwanted Cards Can Change the Game?

How Picking Unwanted Cards Can Change the Game?

How Picking Unwanted Cards Can Change the Game?

Rummy is all about being adept at deploying smart tricks and tips at the most appropriate time. Most Rummy players follow a certain set of principles while playing the game that helps them keep a competitive edge over other players. But Rummy pros playing at Rummy Passion App know how to change the course of any game by effective implementation of strategies. They can effortlessly turn the odds of the game in their favour with smart tactics. Players having an alert mind along with great observation skills perform better in this game. Picking unwanted cards in the game is a clever tactic used by Rummy pros.

Are you also interested in learning this smart strategy? Read ahead to know how picking unwanted cards in Online Rummy can prove to be a perfect game-changing plan.

What are Unwanted Cards in Rummy?

The cards that players usually discard because they do not add much value to the game are referred to as unwanted cards. These include the cards discarded by other players, along with face cards as they have a high point value, and extremely low-value cards that are often avoided in the game unless required to make a specific combination. If you desire to win a game against smart players, you must be able to devise new strategies, such as making the best use of cards abandoned by opponents.

Here are a few important tricks that you can utilise to make use of unwanted cards in the game.

1. Reverse Analogy

Most players start by discarding their high-value cards first. You can try to switch things up a bit by doing the exact opposite of your opponents for an initial couple of moves. Instead of dropping the high-value cards right away, you must wait till the 2 to 3 turns to discard them. With this trick, you can execute two strategies in a single go. On one hand, by not discarding the high-value cards initially, you can assess your opponent’s starting hand. While at the same time, you can use their discarded cards to form valid combinations. On the other hand, not discarding high-value cards initially baffles your opponent, making them believe that you have got a good hold of the game. It can lead other players to make a hasty decision and eventually make a blunder in the game.

2. Predict Your Opponents’ Moves

Before you decide to play and strategise with unwanted cards, you must know how to read and predict your opponents’ moves. You must be extremely vigilant and assertive while playing the game. Only when you know that you can easily judge your opponent’s game well, should you start tricking your opponent by picking up the unwanted cards. Picking more of the discarded cards can prove to be a game-changer for sure and can lead your opponent to get caught up in their actions.

3. Bluff with Low-Value Cards

This trick might seem difficult to execute properly and involves manoeuvring cards smartly. You need to learn how to engage strategically with extremely low-value cards. Picking low-value cards such as 2’s, 3’s, 4’s from the open deck is an excellent trick if you master the art of executing it properly. When you do the opposite of what your opponents expect of you, it gets to their head, and there’s a high chance of them making a wrong move. You must master this trick because when you play with only the low-value cards in your hand, there’s a high chance that you might not get the desired cards on time. In this case, you can use the technique of bluffing to manipulate your opponent into dropping a card that you may require.


The aforementioned are some of the tactics employed by proficient Rummy players. Though, there are various tips and tricks that can be used to be ahead of the competition. Picking unwanted cards might make other players believe that you already have the entire game planned, and you are on the verge of making a valid declaration. At times, it can also make them underestimate your Rummy skills, which provides you with a fair edge in the game. Before you employ any new trick on the Cash Rummy tables, it is always advisable to prep up and master the practice tables first. And once you have mastered the art of implementing smart tricks, then nothing can stop you from winning even when a bad hand is dealt to you.

Start refining your skills right away on the practice tables, and plan one step ahead to inscribe your name among the winners.

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