Top Ten Winners at Rummy Passion in May 2017

Rummy Leaderboard - Top Ten Winners at Rummy Passion in May

Top Ten Winners at Rummy Passion in May 2017

The superstar rummy winners at Rummy Passion for May, 2017 are feeling on the top of the world. And why shouldn’t they? After all they have become the new rummy millionaires. Learning, improvising, again learning, implementing and finally sorting out things is the mantra of winners who play at our rummy site. This month some new winners have broken all previous records too. Huge congratulations to everyone who made it to the leaderboard! This is an achievement and a moment of pride for all our top players.

Being India’s most loved online rummy site among the players, we constantly need to upgrade ourselves with top notch technology as it’s the main driving engine behind the train. Over the past couple of months, there has been a constant rise in the number of players participating in our tournaments and that’s making headlines. We’ve launched multiple promotions recently and have kept up with the most popular outdoor sport in the country; cricket. Rummy Passion had launched a month long promotion with the IPL theme that ended on 21st of May. Also, our ongoing promotions attached to Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays have become quite popular. Here we present the leader board of our top ten players in the month of May.

Rank Player Name Amount Won
1 a1b2c3 9518899.5
2 vioparthi 8823712.5
3 Krishna356 7321136.4
4 Chaitanya 3665362.5
5 hrtline 2066949
6 raja1974 1531012.5
7 Jungletiger 1046137.5
8 Jinny 929205
9 casusheel 553449.98
10 Ramee749 461823.7

To Sum Up

Nothing is planned in online rummy. The trick is to improve your skills and master your game. No matter what the cards, it is the skill of a player that can make him or her a winner in 13 card rummy. You can better your skills by reading some informative articles and blogs. While you’re at it, do look into our amazing bonuses that will help you in playing your favourite card game with a lot more freedom. Thousands of players are earning bundles of money every day and you could be the one too. So register now and get started.


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