13-Card Rummy or 21-Card Rummy. Choose Your Pick

13-Card Rummy or 21-Card Rummy. Choose your Pick

13-Card Rummy or 21-Card Rummy. Choose Your Pick

Rummy is one of the most popular card games which has been played in India since time immemorial. It is a riveting card game that can be played by people of all ages. A Rummy card game is based on skills and strategies in which players must use calculative skills, observational skills, quick decision-making, analytical thinking, and critical reasoning. These skills are not only useful in winning the game but also help in handling real-life situations.

The Rummy card game has multiple variants, which can be played on both real tables and virtual tables. The 13-card rummy and 21-card rummy are the most played variants of the rummy card game. These variants of Indian Rummy are popular in households and social gatherings.

5 Differences Between 13-Card Rummy & 21-Card Rummy

Some players prefer to play 13-card rummy, while others prefer to play 21-card rummy. If you want to know the difference between the most played variants of the rummy card game, here are some of the key points for your reference:

1. Use of Cards

A standard deck of 13 cards with four suits i.e. Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades is used to play both the 13-card Rummy game and the 21-card Rummy game. The 13-card rummy is played with one standard deck or two decks of cards, depending on the game table. Players are dealt with 13 cards on a random basis in a 13-card rummy. Whereas, in a 21-card rummy game, three standard decks of 52 cards and printed joker cards are used. In 21-card rummy gameplay, every player is dealt with 21 on a random basis.

2. Number of Pure Sequences

In a 13-card rummy game, players must form at least 1 pure sequence and the rest can be a combination of valid sets and sequences. Meanwhile, in a 21-card rummy game, players have to form 3 pure sequences and the remaining cards can be in sets and sequences.

3. Use of Joker Card

In 13-card rummy games, there are 2 kinds of joker cards that are used to play the game, these are wildcard joker and printed joker. These joker cards are used in place of a missing card. A printed joker is a card on which a joker is printed, and a wildcard joker is a card which is chosen on a random basis. On the other hand, in 21-card rummy, the first card in the closed deck is considered the joker card. The cards of the same rank in all four suits are considered joker cards, which are called Sterling Jokers. Along with this, there are three printed jokers in each deck, which are called the Cut Joker. These joker cards are used in place of those cards which are not in the hand to form sets and sequences.

Suppose a player is dealt with 7 ♥, which is a sterling joker, then 6 ♥ is considered a lower joker, and 8 ♥ is considered an upper joker in a 21-card rummy game. If players are dealt with a sterling joker, lower joker, and upper joker, then it is formed as a marriage, which scores 100 points.

4. Gameplay

The rules of both 13-card rummy and 21-card rummy are easy to understand. Every player is dealt 13 cards in 13-card rummy and 21 cards in 21-card rummy randomly. At the beginning of the game, players are advised to arrange cards by using the sort button option. If cards are sorted, then it gets easier for players to understand which cards need to be discarded and which need to be picked.

In a 13-card rummy game, players must make a combination of valid cards to beat their opponents in the game. It is mandatory to form 1 pure sequence, rest can be impure sequences and sets. On the contrary, in a 21-card rummy game, players must form 3 pure sequences and the remaining cards can be a combination of sequences and sets. Tunnela is considered a pure sequence in a 21-card rummy game. It is a combination of three cards of the same rank of the same suit (4 of ♦, 4 of ♦, 4 of ♦). Players can also make eight dublees, which are equivalent to three pure sequences. Dublee is a set of two cards in which the cards are of the same rank and same suit (3♣,3♣).

5. Popularity on Online Gaming Platforms

The 13-card rummy game can be found on nearly every online gaming platform that offers digital card games. On apps such as Rummy Passion, players can play multiple variations of 13-card rummy. The availability of the 21-card rummy game, on the other hand, is fairly limited, as it is only offered on a few platforms.


To conclude, rummy is an alluring card game that not only helps the player in earning real cash but also gives the opportunity to improve real-life skills. Players can play various formats of 13-card rummy game at Rummy Passion and win real cash and rewards. Download the rummy game app and play 13-card rummy online cash games.

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