Rummy Memes – They Amuse, They Entertain, & Make You Laugh

Rummy Memes - They Amuse, They Entertain, & Make You Laugh

Rummy Memes – They Amuse, They Entertain, & Make You Laugh

Pranks, jokes and leg-pulling are not new for the card game table. They have been an integral part of the card game saga for ages. Laughing, cracking jokes, or commenting on a familiar player are a few amusing moments that are common during a card game. Similarly, a display of such hilarious reactions by rummy players are expected as they also go through a pool of emotions. Since the game has gone online, so has its mode of expressions and emotions that may not be visible spontaneously on a rummy table but can be well expressed through memes on various online platforms. Certainly, the meme wave has taken gaming platforms into a gamut.

What are memes, and what are they good for?

Memes are humorous and or satirical comedic content that depict societal flaws. Mostly funny images and GIFs containing dialogues, phrases, and comments are the components of memes that circulate on the internet. They spread hugely through the social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp messaging and more.

Crafted by creative minds, memes become an instant trend; therefore, businesses and firms use memes that instantly go viral over social media to generate awareness and share information about their products and services.

As we know, cricket is madly followed in India. In the same way, card games, especially rummy, are religiously played for fun, to pass time and spend quality time with friends and family. Cricket memes on the losing side, memes of sledging, etc., roll out seconds after the match in the online world. The same way, memes on rummy are famous and trend very quickly. It is an entertaining and creatively leaning marketing method that is embraced, especially by social media.

This write-up shares some popular and expressive memes applicable to most rummy players.

1. The (Why I Am So Confused?) New Player

When one signs in and is fresh to the game, making sets and sequences without practice becomes so difficult that there can be a new meme to amuse the audience. The trial and tribulations that a novice experiences coupled with their frustrations can give a sense of achievement to the pros’ and send them down the memory lane. These memes remind them of what they were when they were newcomers. However, with some patience and practice, the new players become masters of the game. Equipped with skills, they spend time playing online rummy with their newly honed talent.

2. The (Don’t Tell Me How to Play) Overconfident Player

One may not have come across high-level professionals and so may have enjoyed a winning streak by playing with amateurs. When such players compete against experienced players, they lose their patience and end up declaring incorrectly. Since the game requires skill and strategy for goal setting in game, merely getting inflated by winning some games and thinking one knows it all is a misbelief. For the next games, one must play enough to know what all strategies work and let braggers become a meme matter.

3. The (I Want This Card Only) Desperate Player

The rummy game is so energizing that there may be a desperate need for a particular card to complete the sets or sequences to declare. The facial expression of such players becomes a light moment in an otherwise intense game and makes the other people around the table giggle, holding their bellies.

4. The (Poker Face) Expressionless Player

Contrary to the one in desperate need of a card to finish, declare, and win, there is a dark horse who plays quietly without giving the slightest hint of his or her playing strategy. No one at the table expects such players to win, but they stealthily steal the victory even from the best. They put on an infectious smile upon winning while the defeated watch in awe.

5. The (I Don’t Accept Defeat) Non-Surrendering Player

They have great cards in hand, and they are deeply in with their A-game in play. As the cards are dealt, they are confident of winning with their hand. However, their one wrong move throws them out of the game or sometimes they don’t come to terms with the fact that they may not be the most skilled at the table. Their regret of loss is full of expressions. They are a soft target for the meme makers who make such incidents viral in the internet world and make such personalities overnight sensations.

Takeaway Notes

Memes are a smart and powerful way of expressing emotions that have hugely impacted social media marketing. For some entertainment companies, they are the new method of marketing to generate attention and create attraction among the public. Rummy lovers are also in the ambit of the meme wave, so don’t wonder if you see yourself being a sensational and rib-tickling internet hullabaloo for days.


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