Rummy Tournaments – Why You Should Participate

Rummy Tournaments – Why You Should Participate

Rummy Tournaments – Why You Should Participate

Rummy tournaments offer an exciting way to play the 13-card Indian rummy game competitively. In tournaments, many players can play at one time, which is quite unlike Deals, Pool, and Points rummy games where the number is restricted to a minimum of two and a maximum six players. A single tournament can host thousands of players competing against each other in several rounds to get to the top.

Tournaments follow the format of the Deals Rummy variant, and hence players are given a fixed number of chips before beginning a game where each chip has a pre-decided point value. After every deal, the winner acquires losing players’ chips based on their score. The tournament winner is the player having the highest number of chips. The number of tables decreases after every deal because losing players are automatically knocked out of the tournament. For example, if there are 36 players, then there will be six tables in total accommodating 6*6 players =36 players. Based on the number of players that qualify from each table, players with higher chip counts will succeed to play in the next round, and others get eliminated.

Similar to other rummy games, every player in a tournament is also required to form valid sets and sequences from all 13 cards. Players get a fixed time to make a move, and there is a drop option as well. Dropping on the first move will cost players 20 points, whereas doing so mid-game(middle drop) will result in getting gets 40 points. A player gets dropped out of the game automatically if he/she misses three turns consecutively.

Types of Rummy Tournaments

There are two types of rummy tournaments, viz. Freeroll and Cash. At Rummy Passion, you can participate in both these, and enjoy choosing from a wide variety of options available. Regardless of the type, players can only participate in a tournament if their email id and mobile number have been verified.

What are Freeroll Tournaments?

In freeroll tournaments, players play without depositing money. It is just like practice games, the main difference being that winners get rewarded with huge cash prizes in the end. It depends upon the choice of the organizers. Registration normally starts a few hours before the tournament, and players need to get enrolled well in time to compete and win. To participate, players need to make sure that they have made at least one cash deposit, and played a cash rummy game.

What is a Cash Tournament?

Whenever the player wishes to enter an online cash rummy tournament, they need to deposit a set amount of money as entry fees at the time of registration. Cash tournaments often yield high rewards and tough competition for players. In case the player is unable to join a tournament at the right time, his game will begin in the autoplay mode. If he/she doesn’t participate in the game for up to 3 turns, he/she will be eliminated from the tourney. However, if the player withdraws at least 5 minutes before the tournament begins, his registration fees will be refunded.


Rummy tournaments are different from other variations of the game because a large chunk of players is accommodated in one single tournament. The prize money can be high, and the tournament may consume lots of time. But winners tend to make a lot of cash, and the feeling of achievement is also much greater. Every day Rummy Passion holds many cash and freeroll tournaments where players can win lakhs of rupees.


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