War Strategy and Rummy Have These Things in Common

War Strategy and Rummy Have These Things in Common

War Strategy and Rummy Have These Things in Common

The term ‘war’ in itself has a negative connotation attached to it. But, opposed to common perception, a good war strategy is what makes you ultimately win the battle. In rummy too, a good strategy, combined with the right skills, is what makes one a winner. Both, the Game of Rummy and war strategy follow a calculative approach, and success is achieved by making appropriate assertions and accordingly acting on them. Without keeping, you to wait much longer, let’s proceed to find out how war strategies correlate with a game of rummy:

Planning and Organization

War Strategy: The leader plans out the most feasible tactic for attacking or defending. Then comes the part where he organizes his team into groups or subteams and administers different tasks to each of them. Each soldier has a crucial role to play in the war, and even the slightest misstep can be risky for the entire battle.

Rummy: In rummy game too, the first step is to plan your strategy in the game, and you do it as soon as you get your cards. Here, your cards are your team, and just like in a war, the role of each soldier is important. In online rummy, too, each card matters. After planning comes organization, and before you make your first move in the battlefield, you must sort and organize your cards based on the suits.

Practice and Training

War Strategy: In a war strategy, the weakest soldiers are sent out first, before sending out the more skilled ones. This helps achieve two targets, on one hand you can assess enemys’ weak points, while on the other hand, your first batch of soldiers weaken the enemy troops. This helps your remaining troops to get an upper hand in the war. Of course, they are given ample training such that they can stand their ground in the battlefield, and pose as good defence for their side.

Rummy: In a game of online rummy, you tend to discard cards that are not of much relevance to your game. By initially discarding your weakest cards, you get to assess your opponent’s game strategy, just like in a war strategy. After that, you proceed with your strongest cards to make sets/sequences, usually starting out with a pure sequence first. A well-practice player knows which cards to discard and when, to reveal the opponents’ game plan.

Rapid Decision-Making

War Strategy: Although the leaders plan the war strategy well in advance, yet there are instances when they need to make some quick decisions as and when the situation demands so. For this, the leader needs to possess prompt decision-making skills along with a knack to successfully execute those decisions. One miscalculated decision can cause major losses in the war, sometimes even leading to total defeat.

Rummy: In online rummy, each of your move is limited to 30 seconds, meaning that, sometimes, you need to make decisions in a snap. Just like in a war strategy, one miscalculated decision or move in the game can make you lose the deal. You need to be absolutely alert while playing the game, and if your opponent suddenly changes their strategy, then you must adapt accordingly.

Uncertainty of Opponent

War Strategy: While framing a war strategy, although you are well aware about your enemy’s strengths and weaknesses, yet there are instances when they might take you by surprise. A good commander is well-prepared to meet up with a superior enemy on a battleground. Likewise, he knows how to make the best use of his soldiers without wasting ammunition and other resources on a weak enemy by planning strategically. But despite being well-prepared, there are chances that the commander is not able to judge the enemy correctly, and here the quality of quick-decision making comes handy.

Rummy: In rummy, too, you can never be sure about the skill level of your opponent. And even if you can determine their level of skill after a couple of moves, there might be a high chance that your opponent maybe fooling you. Quite similar to a war, even on a rummy table, you’ll have to modify your strategy based on your opponent’s game play and the tactics they might be using against you.

Cause an Uproar in the East, Strike in the West

War Strategy: This is a very famous, well-practice and an efficient war strategy. In the times when wars were a common occurrence, commanders often created a distraction on one side of the enemy territory and lead a full-blown attack on the completely opposite side. This not only helped save resources of the offensive side, but dual attack caused a huge amount of losses to the enemy territory, making them economically weak.

Rummy: Fishing or fish-baiting is a Famous Rummy Strategy that correlates with the war strategy. Here, you trick your opponent to discard cards that you need to complete your game. For example, if you want to make a set of three 10s, and you presently hold the 10 of spades, a 10 of clubs and a 9 of clubs, discard the 9 of clubs. The opponent might consider the 10 of clubs a safe card to discard, thereby helping you to make your set.

Getting Out of Difficult Situations

War Strategy: A good war strategy is the one that improves your scope to get out of difficult situations without much harm. The best way is to always be ready with a plan B, but you should be confident about the original plan too. Armies that had a backup plan ready for execution, were usually the ones that often won the war. And even if they didn’t win, the losses incurred would be minimal.

Rummy: The Joker Card is your safe haven when you are stuck in a difficult situation while playing online rummy. The Joker Card can be used anywhere except in a pure sequence. And if you are in a situation where even the joker can’t help you win the game, then you can use it to reduce your overall points by melding it with high value cards.


War Strategy: Discipline is the first lesson learnt when preparing for war. It is believed that only strict discipline can ensure the complete victory of all the soldiers’ independent actions. It implies that soldiers automatically follow their commanders’ orders to the ‘T’ and their actions are in sync with their team.

Rummy: Maintaining proper discipline is an important part of life, and even the online rummy game doesn’t escape this fact. The rummy game is quite easy to learn and play. But, similar to a war strategy, even rummy has some basic rules which must be followed by players to win the game successfully. You can find the basic rules for Playing 13 Cards Indian Rummy Game at our website too.

The Essence

A good war strategy requires a lot of efforts in conducting research, and hard-practice, and only then the war can be won. Likewise, a good rummy player too does a lot of practice and researches on different rummy tricks and tips to get a successful winning streak in the game. Now that you know the similarities between a war strategy and the game of online rummy, why not start practising on the vibrant tables of Rummy Passion? And once you’ve practised enough, get on the cash tables and win amazing cash rewards.


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