Five Useful Tricks to Win Points Rummy Card Game

Five Useful Tricks to Win Points Rummy Card Game

Five Useful Tricks to Win Points Rummy Card Game

There are three popular variations of 13-Card Indian Rummy, with players who are pressed for time favouring Points Rummy. It is a quick game that provides the same amount of thrill and excitement as any other rummy card game variant. However, winning at Points Rummy might be difficult, particularly for beginners. To earn more rewards in the Points Rummy Game, you must be alert and adept at adjusting your strategy as needed. It is essential to exercise observational and mathematical skills, which aid in obtaining big cash prizes.

Tricks to Win Points Rummy Games

Some of the useful tricks which can be used in Points Rummy card Game in order to win the game before the opponents are as follows:

1. Eliminate the Chances of Error

You do not get additional deals in Points Rummy to increase your overall score. If winning is your only chance, then you must make every effort to leave no room for doubt. You must carefully analyse the cards you have in your hand and consider forming all the possible sequences or sets. One such card game requires you to use all of your knowledge, abilities, and tactics. If it is not possible to form a valid sequence or set, then it is advised to make a drop and receive a few points as a penalty rather than losing the entire game.

2. Form the Sequence Faster

Players, who are playing the Points Rummy card game, may wait a bit long for the right card to complete a sequence. But waiting for the right card for a long time is not the right strategy. Rather, you must discard the cards smartly which are not needed in the gameplay. If you are dealt with 5 and 7 of Clubs and waiting for a 6 of Clubs to complete the pure sequence, but draw up a 4 of Clubs. By doing so, you have two options to complete the meld: either you can form a pure sequence with 4, 5, 6 of Clubs or 5, 6, 7 of Clubs.

3. Patience Yields the Best Results

In a rummy card game, you must know that it is important to be patient enough when the cards are dealt to them. It is suggested to show patience and not take any action in a hurry that results in losing the game if you are handed cards that are not effective in forming the cards. Not just this, it is also advised to analyse the moves of the opponents, which can only be done if you remain calm throughout the game.

4. Discard the Right Cards

While playing a rummy card game, it is recommended to discard high-value cards if not used in forming sequence or set. If you are dealt with 5 of Hearts, Queen of Hearts and Jack of Hearts then it is advised to discard 5 of Hearts and wait for King of Hearts or 10 of Hearts to form a pure sequence of bigger cards.

5. The Right use of Joker card

If the Joker card is used wisely, players can swiftly win Points Rummy card game. But if you just have one, it’s best to keep it till the very end. It is advised to form a pure sequence first and only use this trump card once all other possible melds have failed. Keeping this trump card is advantageous in two ways; Firstly, you can form the necessary pure sequences without getting distracted by the Joker card. Secondly, if the opponent declares the game first you can combine the Joker card with the highest value cards in order to lower the total number of points in the game.


To sum up, we can say that, there’s no point to learning the tricks when you don’t know how to apply them at the right time. Playing and winning in Points Rummy requires skills, but the most useful skill is adaptability. As a player, you should learn to use different strategies as the game progresses or takes a different turn. It would not only help in getting bigger wins but also creating some more tricks of your own. Are you excited to play the game? Join the vibrant Rummy Passion tables and win big.

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