Rummy Glossary to Enhance your Gaming Knowledge

Rummy Glossary to Enhance your Gaming Knowledge

Rummy Glossary to Enhance your Gaming Knowledge

Rummy is a crazy little game which makes maths and card manipulations in charge. Executing rummy strategies at the appropriate moment is an art that can only be acquired through knowledge and practice. There aren’t many shortcuts and the only way to excellence lies in knowing the Glossary of terms related to this exciting game. So familiarize yourself with these buzzwords and Play Indian Rummy online; or as they say in Hinglish, Khelo, some amazing games!

The Preface of Rummy Book in Alphabetical order


The count of total Aces in a standard deck of cards is 4; one for each (♠,♥,♦,♣) suit. They can be placed either with 2-3 or Ace-King-Queen to make a sequence. Each Ace card carries 10 points. In case a printed joker is selected as a joker, all aces become the wildcard jokers for that game.


Chips are the virtual currencies that help players to play online rummy at Rummy Passion. For example, on successful registration, players are awarded with 2000 Practice Chips and another 10,000 on verifying their Email address.

Deck of Cards

A standard deck consists of 52 cards + 1 Printed Joker. The total number of 4 suits called Clubs ♣, Spade ♠,Diamonds ♦ and Hearts ♥ with the respective symbols. In many parts of India, Clubs ♣ is known as chidiya, Spade ♠ is known as hukum, Diamond ♦ is known as einth and Hearts ♥ is known as paan..


The process of withdrawing a random card from the close dun-dealt cards or the open discard pile is called a draw. In each turn, a player will draw a card from either one of the 2 piles and discard one card from their hand on to the discard pile.


To make the sequence, players can select the card from either of the two available piles on the table; players need to replace the new card with the existing one from their hand. This action is called discard.

Full Count

It can be the maximum score in the game. This stays the same for all variants of games available at Rummy Passion.

Face Cards

There are four face cards in a standard deck of cards. An Ace, Jack, Queen and King in each set, so a total number of 4 (Clubs ♣, Spade ♠, Diamonds ♦ and Hearts ♥) X Jack, Queen, King and Ace = 16

Face Cards



At, we use algorithms for card distribution among players. A group can be formed by clicking on the sort button available on the screen, and this allows you to put all similar suit cards in one unit. It is also known as group sort.

Impure Sequence

When a player forms a consecutive sequence of a minimum number of three cards which are not of the same suit, it is called an impure sequence. An impure sequence includes a printed or wildcard Joker.

Impure Sequence



You can substitute a joker card for any card that you are seeking to complete a sequence or a set. Players can use this card according to their requirements. There are 2 kinds of joker cards: printed and wild card.

    1. Printed

There is one printed joker in every deck. This is the extra card having the face of a clown on it.



  1. Wildcard

This one is a highly useful card and can help you in forming the desired sequences. It is randomly picked from the remaining deck after cards are distributed to all seated players at the table. This card is placed on the shooting blanket with its face showing up to all the players.

Melding of Cards

The core objective of Rummy is to make valid sequences in the shortest span of time. It’s up to the individual to execute and find the ways of doing it. This exercise is termed as a melding of cards.

Pure Sequence

A pure sequence consists of a minimum of three consecutive cards of the same suit; the sequence hence formed does not include a Joker. A wildcard joker card may be used as itself (original face value) to complete a pure sequence. For example, if all 3’s are wildcard jokers in a particular game, the below sequence is considered to be a pure sequence. You can learn more on how to play rummy by visiting

Pure Sequence



A set is a family of same value cards of different suits. They can be extremely handy in 13 card game.

Same Value Cards



The moment you have melded or arranged all cards in your hand into valid sequences and sets, including one pure sequence and a minimum of 2 sequences in total, you can click on the show button. The system will proceed further after confirmation. Here’s a perfect example an ideal show



Wrong Show

A wrong show will mean that you have lost the game. We advise our readers to first confirm the current status of their cards and then click on the Show button. Wrong shows are often a result of carelessness or having incomplete Knowledge of Rummy Game rules. Wrong shows are very avoidable mistakes.

Wrong Show


Miscellaneous Rummy Vocabulary

    1. RoundsIt is the battle that begins with dealing the cards among the players and in the end, the player making valid rummy sequences according to the current game, takes home the win.
    2. Resume the GameRummy Passion App allows you to resume the game exactly where you were disconnected when you re-connect to the game server.

      “Players can rejoin the game as we are providing a first window of 30 Seconds and the next two of 18 Seconds each”

    3. ReshuffledOur smart and sophisticated algorithm shuffles the cards every time you join the table. This is done to ensure randomness in the cards dealt. It makes the whole gaming environment clear and unbiased.
    4. Green coloured “D”It’s displayed at the seat of the dealer player or the one who distributes the cards. After the toss, the player with the lowest face value cards is the dealer.
    5. Rule #1

Remember, there are no rules or a predefined pattern that can guarantee you a win. There are always certain ways of doing things and forming sequences is the core of the game. You may choose a different path, but the destination always remains the same.

To Sum Up

If you haven’t played online rummy because you are not familiar with the game terminology, then these words and their simple explanations will do the trick, and you can begin as early as possible. Thousands of players, some from your own neighbourhood, are winning huge cash prizes regularly. Let the cards speak for you. See you at the tables!


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