Complete Roadmap to Becoming a VIP Player at Rummy Passion

Complete Roadmap to Becoming a VIP Player at Rummy Passion

Complete Roadmap to Becoming a VIP Player at Rummy Passion

To stay true to its name, Rummy Passion has always led the way when it comes to launching exciting promotions and offers for its online community of players. The site is already in charge and dominates the competition with the best-in-class gaming services. Its ultimate aim is to allow players to churn maximum rewards through their stellar rummy skills. Though for every registered player, the site has enticing offers, those players who travail hard become entitled to receive all privileged services. Yes, we are talking about VIP player services at Rummy Passion.

Introducing VIP Services at Rummy Passion

As soon as you register to the site, you automatically enrol in the Silver Tier. Gradually, when you start playing cash rummy games, you collect reward points and progress towards the next tier, i.e., Gold Tier, Platinum Tier and the Black Tier. Once you reach the top-most level, which is the Black Tier, Rummy Passion rewards you with exclusive services and other premium benefits that are unrivalled and to your utmost satisfaction. Below is the table illustrating each level and rewards you receive upon graduating to the highest tier:

vip player roadmap

How to Get In?

Getting yourself in the VIP player category revolves around earning reward points and improving your tier level. Just create an account on Rummy Passion if you are not registered yet. After that, choose any cash table and variant of your choice to play cash games. “The more you will put in the efforts, the more quickly you will reap the rewards.” For this, you should know what you can do to reach the highest tier in minimal time. Don’t worry! We have got you covered. Here’s the complete roadmap to becoming a VIP Player.

    • Play Cash Games on High-Value Tables – Rummy Passion allows you to earn maximum points when you play on big-player tables. Also, when you play cash games to your potential, it helps you to earn reward points quickly.
    • Obtain 50,000 or More Points to Grab Rewards – You need minimal 50,000 reward points to start reaping the rewards of VIP player services. Also, once you earn the reward points of 1,00,000, you receive a cash bonus of Rs 5,000.
    • Utilize Bonus Offers to Your Advantage – Rummy Passion’s surprise bonuses will surely make you fall head over heels. From Birthday bonus, exclusive tournaments, weekly surprises to bigger wins and more, there’re ample benefits to grab.
    • Participate in Tournaments & Leaderboards – There’s a reason why players throng to the site. Besides regular promotions and Leaderboard, you can participate in exclusive promotions and Leaderboards, which are designed solely for VIP players.

Is it Worth Becoming a VIP Player?

Yes! Though there are several advantages of being in the Black Tier, one notable benefit is that your loyalty points add up quickly as compared to the lower-level tiers. It’s because the multiplier at Black Tier is 1.36, which means that for every Rs 10 you contribute to the rake, you get 6.8 reward points (5 * 1.36). What’s more? Here are the perks of being a prestigious player.

VIP Player Benefits

    • Tailored Offers
    • Surprise Cash Bonuses
    • On-Priority VIP Service
    • Personal VIP Host
    • Free Entry to VIP Tournaments
    • VIP Hospitality


    • You can play cash games across any of the three variant tables, i.e., Points RummyPool Rummy, and Deals Rummy. Also, you can switch between the variants anytime, as per your convenience.
    • Each tier that you step in has an expiry date, i.e., of 3 months. During this time, you can earn minimal required points to stay in the tier.
    • If you fail to maintain your position in the respective tier, you will be pushed down to the lower tier. So, once you reach the highest tier, make sure you put your best foot forward to maintain your position.

Putting it All Together

Do you know what’s the only loyalty motto to reach the highest tier at Rummy Passion? “The Higher Your Tier, the Better Your Rewards!” Above and beyond, it’s essential to follow the 3 P’s of Gaming, i.e., Patience, ⁣/i> Practice and Passion. So, what’s keeping you to wait? Use this opportunity wisely to receive the best of the services at India’s Most Loved Rummy Site. Snap out of your comfort zone, go online to play your favourite rummy games and let the flow of money come in through your skills.

See You at the Tables


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