Look Who Won at Rummy Passion in November 2017

Look Who Won at Rummy Passion - Rummy Leaderboard, November 2017

Look Who Won at Rummy Passion in November 2017

November was the month that celebrated the launching of New Mobile Lobby Features at Rummy Passion. And we did so in a fantastic way by bestowing an OPPO F3 selfie expert on the winner of the mobile rummy promotion. Well, this was in addition to the Tier Wars contest and November Mania competition, both of which had a whopping Rs 1 Lac at stake and players excitedly pocketed their respective share of it. December, the last month of the year that brings holiday cheer, holds a lot more surprises in its kitty for the players of India’s most loved online rummy site. An even bigger mobile rummy promotion with six smart phones for the winners is on in December, exclusively at Rummy Passion for the exclusive love of mobile rummy. We hope you don’t miss this opportunity.

While Deals Rummy is the choice of those players who prefer to play for a particular number of Deals, Pool Rummy is the hot favorite of Indian players and Points Rummy finds favor with players when they do not have much time to spare and like to go for a quick session. And Tournaments are always lapped up by the players for extra thrill!

Now let us see who all won in the different versions and formats of the amazing skill game in the month of November.

Deals Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played
1. VarshithaR 1490
2. Monishmani 644
3. nagnand 543
4. suripsg 485
5. RockStarZ 446

Pool Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played
1. Sangeeth 459
2. san_hpc 257
3. aasish4112 132
4. galreddym 128
5. laxmiram188 115

Points Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played
1. Akshaya23 5368
2. Hitler 5099
3. raj19 3940
4. Monishmani 3848
5. Srumsss7373 3696

Big Jackpot 5K Tournament Winners

Rank 1st Week Player Name 2nd Week Player Name 3rd Week Player Name 4th Week Player Name
1. aakash1994 afru Krishnareddy Jinjil
2. saravanan432 san_hpc venky98 durai12345
3. thakkar Krishnareddy belsub creater5
4. Perambalur19 masu2825 Uvaisshah icentz
5. pavan1994 modi anil_jena197 gulings

To Sum Up

Rummy Passion is always ready with new surprises for its players and leaves no stone unturned in pampering them with wonderful contests, prizes and promotions. We hope our players continue to enjoy their favorite game and win amazing prizes along the way. Make it big at Rummy Passion!


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