Best New Ways To Win Cash In Indian Rummy Games

Best New Ways to Win Cash in Indian Rummy Games

Best New Ways To Win Cash In Indian Rummy Games

Rummy has always been the top choice of card players in India. Initially, the game was played in homes and clubs, but with the penetration of smartphones, computers and the Internet, along with 3G and 4G connectivity, online rummy prevalence has gone through the roof. And for good reasons! With busy schedules, people often do not find time to connect with each other at physical locations. Various online rummy platforms, especially those like Rummy Passion, allow players at different physical locations to meet online and play. With mobile gaming, this social network goes to the next level as players literally carry our vibrant rummy tables in their pockets. Because the games are seamless, players in different parts of the country can connect with each other at any time of the day or night, irrespective of their individual locations.

As more new players take on this pastime, one question that comes to mind is how to win cash with rummy games? Well here are some answers which will catapult you to the winning league.

Cash Wins and Indian Rummy is a 100% safe, secure and legal website which allows you to play online rummy cash games without any interruption. You have to go through a simple and quick registration process to create an account first. Within a few minutes you can make deposits using any of the payment methods available, including bank wire transfer, debit or credit card, PayU Money and PayTM. Thereafter you can go to the game lobby and select cash games. Then pick the variation you wish to play and join the table of your choice. It’s really that simple!

Rummy is a game of skill. If you know how to use strategy, you can easily be the first one at your table to make a valid declare of cards and win the game. Your winning does not depend on the initial cards that the dealer deals to you. Winning or losing is in your hands. But what makes you a good player depends on how well you play compared to your opponents. Our top winning tips and tricks are:

  1. Select your Indian Rummy Strategy

    If you are playing to win cash, you should play with complete attention. If you are casual, your opponents will sense it and take advantage. Take some time to understand basic rules and know these well. Practice with free games first and then step into cash games. Form a pure sequence first. While you are waiting for your turn, arrange your cards so you know which ones you want to discard, which ones you want to wait on and which ones you want to hold on to. Separate out the picture joker and wildcard joker and quickly use them to form impure sequences or sets.

  2. Be a Pro Rummy Player

    Once you have mastered the basics, you can move on to serious gaming. Your line of attack should depend on your initial cards. If you have strong cards, you should choose to play offence. This means you should attack. Strong cards mean that you have more than 1 joker card and a pure sequence to begin with. With such cards, you should plan to discard unwanted cards and quickly meld remaining cards into required sets and sequences. You should be able to declare first with this strategy.
    If you have medium to weak cards, you should be in a defensive mode. This means that you should discard high cards first, even if it means that you have to and break up sequences for which you have 2 apart cards. For example if you have Q and A of a suite, you should break up the sequence. But if you have J and Q of a colour, then you should hold onto the cards. Dropping the game before the first move when you have poor cards is a great strategy to limit your loss to just 20 points. These winning rummy tips will give you an edge over your opponents and help you win the prize pool in most games.

  3. Select the Right Table

    Do not be overly attracted by the total prize pool offered at a table. It is a good idea to start at a lower denomination table with two players. Also, if you are a beginner, stick to a single deck game so that you are able to count cards if needed. Once you develop some confidence, you can move to higher tables and more players. Table selection and game choice are often overlooked by new players. Playing at a table which matches your skill level is an important rummy strategy that one should live by. Rummy Passion has tables starting as low as 10 paise per point and going up to Rs. 125 per point. You can choose to play a single deck game or use multiple decks. Many tables are available in the two player configuration as well.

Smart players will win cash at rummy games no matter who they are playing against. Using these techniques in your game play will put you in a different league. Patience, concentration and familiarity with rummy rules will give you the confidence to win each game you participate it. Good luck!


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